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    Hi all! My fiance and I are very excited to book a Couple's resort for our honeymoon in May. The problem is choosing which one! We're very active, outdoorsy people and are excited that there seems to be a lot of adventure options for people like us. Specifically, we're very into snorkeling/diving. I am an experienced diver (I am a marine biologist), but my husband much prefers snorkeling. Which is the best resort for snorkeling, either tours or off-beach? Also, are there options for hiking off-resort?

    Thank you!

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    I can't say it's the best because we have only been to Negril but we always enjoy the snorkeling at CSA! The staff is great! The night snorkel was incredible!

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    I beleive either resort in Negril..we were bummed by the snorkeling in ocho

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    We have snorkeled at CSS, CSA, and CN. CN and CSA generally share the same reefs, although CN will stop at deeper points in Bloody Bay. We did like the sunken ship snorkel stop at CSS - there's nothing like that at CSA or CN. If the weather is very clear and the wind is calm, the snorkeling near shore at CSS is spectacular. There is a lot of brain coral near the cliffs, and many fish also hang out along the cliffs. However, when we were there for 10 days, the visibility was only good enought to snorkel near shore on 2 of those days. But you can only snorkel near shore if you bring your own equipment.

    You can also snorkel during the cat cruise at CSA/CN when the boat stops at the caves. Again, you would need to have your own snorkel equipment. Swimming in the caves is tricky (strong current) and we found it helpful to have our fins.

    Jamaica is not the Great Barrier Reef or even the Yucatan and Belize. However, it is certainly pleasant enough for a one hour snorkel tour.

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