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    Default Secret Rendezvous - when did YOU find out location?

    This is a frivolous post - just wanted to get that out! We arrive in Jamaica in 3.5 weeks and I'm just bursting at the seams with excitement! For those of you who have done Secret Rendezvous, how far in advance did you find out which resort you're assigned to? I know the formal answer is 1 week prior, but I've done tons of reading on this board and it seems like lots of people find out before 1 week prior. Also I've read that our chances are most likely CSS or CTI.

    So did you get the call/email 1 week prior or was it earlier than that? I'm just so excited to find out!

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    We've done the SR three times. First time we got CSS (Tower Isle was under construction). We booked through a travel agent and she called one week in advance to find out for us.
    The second time we got CTI, booked through a travel agent, and found out a week ahead also. The third time we got CTI again, and this time they would not tell our travel agent where we were going. They said we would find out at the airport. We did not find out until we were at the Couples Lounge inside Sangsters Airport!!
    (Immigration was not happy with this)
    It's a gamble which resort you get--we've been to them all, and they are all outstanding in their own ways. Have fun, and hopefully you will find out at least a week before you go!

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    One week out and we got a call from travel agent and we got css. Have a great trip. You can also call Couples. I have heard in the past that sometimes they change things at the last minute so you never really know for sure.

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    We have done the CSR twice--once thru Couples and once thru AA vacations site online so no travel agents either time...wait...I am the travel agent I called couples both times 7 days out to find out...those are the rules so I never bothered to call anytime before that. And just a note--when we booked thru Couples, our Credit Card was charges as CSS...but we got CTI both times. So the credit card charge doesn't mean anything! AND we fell in love with CTI on our second trip--was even bummed when we went to book our next trip and are going with hubby's sister and they wanted to go back to Negril.

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    as soon as we booked it was charged to cti garden room and that's where we ended up. good luck! cti is amazing, btw

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    We had to call a few days before we left and found out we got CSA, amazing trip.. But no one called us..

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