We were at CTI 18-25 Dec and absolutely loved it! I want to thank all you posters -- we gleaned some valuable information from these boards. We had already chosen CTI and the info we got on here only helped to affirm our choice and we also were able to get answers to lots of our questions by scrolling through and using the search feature. A big shout out to all of you and a word of thanks!! Also, of course, a big thank you to all the staff at CTI whom we noticed work really hard..and, more importantly, appeared to take pride in their work (nice to see!). We had a really great time and we WILL be back! (high praise if we are willing to go to the same AI more than once!). I won't give a review because it would merely be repetitive of all the other excellent reviews on here...and it would indeed all be good!!!
There were only two things that made me *shake my head*, neither of which had nothing to do with the resort or staff but some of the vacationers themselves. Maybe it is just me, but it bugs me to no end when one couple will take up so many different loungers: for instance, we noticed a few couples taking up (reserving with their "stuff") four loungers at the "main pool" (i.e. two in the sun, two in the shade), two additional loungers at the swim-up pool AND two more loungers at the beach...that is eight loungers for two people (one couple also went to the Island while "reserving" these 8 loungers). They would go back and forth from these loungers but they would sit empty for hours at a time. I find such behaviour extremely selfish and pretentious.....on so many levels. If you did/do this....perhaps think about how preposterous it is!!
The second thing: I know people are on "vacation" but just because it is a buffet doesn't mean you should fill your plate, sample two or three bites and then throw it all out and go for seconds (thirds, fourths etc). Fine...go up as much as you want but take small bits and refill your plate as required. Would you do that at home????! The waste is inexcusable and it embarrassed me to see so many people so shamelessly waste the food ---- I hate to think that the Jamaican employees think we are ALL like that....gives us all a bad name!
Anyways, it certainly didn't affect the great time we had...just a couple of things we noticed that was annoying but it certainly didn't reflect badly on the resort....just on some of the vacationers themselves.
Anyone who has yet decided or is thinking of going to CTI: you will NOT be disappointed! We intened on joining the "repeaters"!
Cheers all and hope you all had a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2013!!