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    Default secret rendezvous

    i booked a secret rendezvous as my wifes christmas present. we were at csa for r honeymoon but i wanted to try somewhere new this time. so im leaving it up to couples to decide where we r going. 20 days and counting

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    You're a great husband! Good job with the gift giving. Sure beats a bathrobe or a food processor!!!
    You will most likely end up in Ochi. Both resorts are lovely and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time at either of them. Enjoy your time in paradise!

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    We have done the CSR twice and got CTI both times. We fell in love with CTI on the second trip--the food is AWESOME!!! You will be in shock as far as the beach compared to CSA--CTI's beach is landlocked so no one is strolling by and it's small but we never had an issue finding a spot on the beach away from others

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