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    Default Flying with TimeAir to Negril

    I will be flying into Negril this year, and was wondering about luggage - does it come on the plane with you, and if so are you limited to the number of bags and size? Or do the staff in the Couples Lounge arrange to get it on the bus and then you meet your luggage when the bus gets in.

    The reason for my question is that I travel with golf clubs, and I want to be sure that they get to Negril as well.

    Any info would be appreciated, Thanks,

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    we always take our luggage with us on the plane the plane is a 4 seater (at least the one we were on) it was my wife and myself and two pilots. It is the way to go. Take lots of pictures

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    your bags fly with you on Timair.

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    Has anyone taken the Intl. Airlink from Montego Bay to Negril?

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    If memory serves me correctly, you walk right past the TimAir Kiosk going to the Couples Lounge. They are less than a 100 ft. from each other. Last time we flew Timair they didnít have the kiosk. The Timair Rep took us out to a van and transferred us and our luggage over to another terminal where we flew out of. Our entire luggage flew with us.

    Since the lounge and kiosk are so close, I'd check in at the Couples Lounge and let them know I was taking Timair. I know sometimes they'll have a ride waiting for you at the Negril Landing Strip to take to the resort but donít always provide this service. Does hurt to ask.

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    We took Tim Air on the 28th of Nov. We met them at their Kiosk near the Couples Lounge. We went for a drink at the lounge then back out to meet the Tim Air rep. We walked our luggage and our selves over to the Tim Air check in which is on the other side of the airport terminal. It's about a 5 min walk. After paying for the flight, they put our luggage through the scanner then walked it out to the plane. Which was a little Cessna. The luggage was stored in the very back of the plane. After arriving in Negril, the pilot and crew walked our luggage to a waiting cab. We grabbed another beer and off we went for a 5 min taxi ride to the resort. As for the size of the luggage, we had golf clubs, carry on and normal luggage. There were three of us on board plus the pilot.

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    and if your luggage doesn't "fit" with the people (weight limitations and number of people) it will go on a van to your resort

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    Thanks everyone for the comments - can hardly wait for the flight! - lust under 2 months to CN and back to golf!

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    One more question - when I pre-check in on the Couples Web Site - should I be using my Montego Bay arrival and departure flights with a note that I am flying in and out on Tim Air?

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    We never gave them advanced notice. We just told the Couples Rep at the airport that we were taking Tim Air. When we arrived at the resort, they looked at our travel vouchers and welcomed us home. I am so jealous.........

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