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    Default CSA newbies looking for ideas!

    Hey all my fiance and I will be heading to CSA in June 2013, and were wondering what the "must do"
    activities are there. She's a planner and doesn't want to miss anything!

    What was your favorite thing to do? Catamaran cruise? Ricks? Open to suggestions

    I should add...anything to avoid doing while on the island?

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    If you haven't found it yet there is a list of us going in June on the meet up page. Catamaran is a blast, bring some money for tips. Try all the soups. Find all the hot tubs, they are open at night for a night time soak under the stars. And dont over look a day of doing nothing on the beach.

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    We were at CSA last February and had a great time...the Catamaran Cruise is a must-do, we had such a fun time. We also really enjoyed that you could walk down the beach to many shops/vendors without going on the 'shopping tour' as we heard from some returning guests that the shopping tour is only so-so and we really didn't want to miss a day of beach vacation for shopping excursion. Everything you could want is just a short walk down the beach. Also another can't-miss for us was the Sweet Potato Chips and dips at the Seagrape's (the on-beach cafe), as well as the Fish Taco's here. Alot of people didn't seem to go for the lunch or snack because it is "vegetarian" but as a couple who are definitely NOT vegetarians we loved it and ate there everyday, at least for a snack. They also have self-serve soft icecream there
    The fitness facilities are great...we played some squash and walked around over there but did not use it a whole lot...
    Going out sailing on the Hobie Cat was also so much fun...we didn't do til our last day and wish we would have earlier.
    Bring a few bucks to the beach for the local musicians who walk along the beach and will play you a song for a tip...there was some real talent out there and it makes for some great beach entertainment!

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    Thanks red, looks like the catamaran is a fun trip. I was under the impression couples did not allow tipping, or is the catamaran an outside vendor?

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    What to avoid? Avoid trying to do too much. The best thing about CSA is that it is such a great place to do almost nothing and have a great time doing it. Seriously, try to relax and enjoy the beach, sun and just being in Jamaica.

    Do the catamaran cruise. Try to experience all the restaurants at least once. Walk the beach, turn left at the ocean and walk a couple miles along the waters edge. You are going to meet up with beach vendors, a smile and a "no thanks" will send them on their way with no hassles. Hang out for a while at the martini bar at least once, you won't be disappointed. Try not to sleep too late. I know this sounds goofy, but the morning sun is the best.

    Something to be aware of: Lobster is out of season in June, so lobster will not be served at CSA while you are there.

    We will be there in June also, the 14th through the 21st. Maybe we will cross paths.

    Have a great trip! You are going to love CSA!

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    When you check in, make reservations for the Cat cruise and dinner at Lemongrass or Feathers. You can't make further reservations for these restaurants until you fulfill the first. The other dining areas are good also, so no worries. My wife and I liked to go back to the room late afternoon to shower (or "nap") then make a cocktail, put on our Couples robes and go watch the sunset. Make sure you go up to the piano bar at least one night for some Name That Tune, Chocolate is a natural born entertainer. Get the fish tacos at Sea Grapes. Go on the snorkeling excursion...Have Fun!!

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    100LL the cat cruise is provided by outside vendors so you can tip. They also sell a few things on board, no pressure or anything.

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    Seems like there is going to be a lot to do for us! We're looking forward to it. For those that have already gone, how much tip money would you say is appropriate to bring along? I don't want to bring a large amount of cash along, or be left short either.
    Little0 - a "nap" is always appropriate on vacation!

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    100LL, yes the cat crew is an outside vendor. You can tip them.

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    Here is our tip break down. $5 for baggage handler's at airport. We have three bags.
    $20 for shuttle driver. Our drive to resort have been more like a tour. If you stop a beer was $3.
    We tip the same on the way Back to airport.
    If you use the spa (they execpt tips and you should) we did 20%. Worth every penny
    If you enjoy the beach musicians $3-5. They will play about 3 songs.
    We left a twenty in the tip jar on the cat cruise.

    We only go with $300 to $ 400.
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    A bunch of suggestions:

    1. Take good attitude. Island time is going to happen. EVERYTHING will take much longer than you think it should. Everything. Really. Not kidding. Having a bad attitude will slow things down even more.

    2. Resist the urge to overplan. Sand gravity is very real, and very, very, powerful.

    3. Visit Ultimate in the piano bar. The first ten minutes you will think its all incredibly cheesy. After that you'll be singing "Sweet Caroline" with best of them.

    4. Instead of paid excursions, do this: Go to the beach, take a left. Walk for a while, and maybe pay for a drink or two.

    5. Lay out all the nice clothes you want to pack. Divide the pile into four piles, and put three of them back. Pack only the remaining pile. Lay out every swimsuit you own. Go to the store, and double that number. Pack them all.

    6. Bob Marley shots do not taste good at all. People will lie to you about this.

    7. Go to the exchange window upstairs from the lobby. Change $20 US and re el in the fact that you have $1,740.00 to spend while walking down the beach.

    8. Whatever you forgot to bring with respect to OTC medicines, suntan lotion, etc..... the little store across the road from the Greathouse probably has it. They've been at this for a good while.

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    Great suggestions above! I would tend to agree to skip the excursions. A waste of a relaxing day for touristy stuff. If you walk up the beach (left if facing the ocean as others have mentioned), look for a hotel called "Coco La Palm." Pass through the side of the hotel to the street and directly across is a little jerk chicken place called Best in the West. Amazing food and the owner is super nice. Have some rum punch, too. That's more than enough of an excursion for us. If you want a little more adventure, there's another jerk chicken place further up the road called Three Dives. It's on the cliffs and has an amazing view out back. The Couples staff will hail a cab for you to get there. The hotel next door to Three Dives has a bar and ladder/spots where you can jump in the water. Forget Ricks... another tourist trap. You'll get a view of it from the cat cruise. Jumping off the cliffs on your own near Three Dives is much more fun!

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