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    Booked a trip to CSA with my fiancé for April 2013!! What can we expect when we arrive? Hows the service? Food? Activities? Where do we go for access to all water sports and these activities? Any advice on bug and allergy issues? I've read many reviews with sand flea issues. This is our first major vacation and my first time out of the country so I'm looking for a very exciting and relaxing stay!! Help!

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    Congrats, you are in for an awesome time. We have trip #5 to csa booked for April 13-20. One trip to css. We wouldn't keep going back if it didn't rock.
    There is a big variety of restaurants to choose from from casual burgers, jerk chicken, salads, fish tacos and sandwiches during the day to Thia food at Lemongrass, fine dining at Feathers, more casual at the zpalms and Patios restaurants.
    There are multiple activities so just scour this website and you will see that there is as little or alot to do. There is a watersports hut to sign up for those activities. I think every newbie should take the resort tour which is daily at 10am and 5pm. You made a great choice.

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    I agree with softail, you made a great choice. We will be back at CSA in April as well. You can expect to be greeted with great hospitality at the couples lounge in the airport. They have red stripe and a comfortable place to sit while you wait for your shuttle. We have never been able to finish our beers while we are waiting. Then you will take about 1.5-2 hr bus ride to the resort. It it well worth the wait. You will then arrive at couples to check in and get to your room and then you are on your own to explore. The food is phenominal everywhere you go, but we expeicially like Patios for breakfast and lemongrass for dinner. We have never had any bug or allergy issues. The service is overwhelmingly friendly and top notch. It is genuine and you shouldn't be surprised if some of the staff remember you from day to day. There are a lot of activities to do and they are easy to find. If you are a big planner, then I would recommend taking the resort tour, but we always find ourselves relaxing and taking it all in. You are going to fall in love with it. We did 6 years ago and have never tried anything else, but Couples, since.

    When are your dates of travel?

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    We were at CSA last year at the end of February. Sand fleas were only an issue (and a minor issue at that) at night. My husband didnt have a problem with them at all, I got a few tiny itchy bites on my ankles after walking on the beach at about 10pm. We then heard from others to stay off the beach at night or wear bug spray in you want to take a walk on the sand in the evenings.

    I would also recommend going on the tour when you get there...we saw a lot more options for activities etc than we even had looking at reviews etc. It only takes a a short time and then you get a good layout of the resort also.

    The service and food were beyond imaginable, waaaaaaay better than we have had in Mayan Riveria and DR.

    We had a great time, not too much for night life neccessarily, but as a 27 yr old couple we found lots of nice people to chat with and have drinks with and we were always tired from all the activity and wanted to get on the beach early the next day anyway!

    We loved it so much, we are booked to go to CTI in 12 days! We now see why so many people we met on our first trip to Couples last year are returners!!!

    Have a great trip. Dont miss the sweet potato chips and fish tacos at Seagrapes beach restaurant

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    If you like to stay active, CSA is a great choice for you! We are heading back for #7 next month. Stop at the concierge desk after you check in. You can immediately make reservations for the catamaran cruise, and also dinner at Lemongrass and/or Feathers.

    The sand fleas absolutely love me. I have learned to bring 2 bottles of Off with me. Bob, on the other hand, seldom gets more than one or two bites.

    The watersports hut is located near SeaGrapes. You can reserve snorkeling and the glass bottom boat trips here, along with waterskiing, hobie cats, kayaks, etc. You can sign up for snorkeling one day in advance. Try to book the 11:00 snorkel trip - the seas are usually calmer in the morning. The afternoon trips have a higher likelihood of cancelling due to rough seas.

    Be sure to check out the sports complex and spa across the street.

    And the service is what makes Couples resorts. The staff work very hard.

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