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    Have booked our trip to CSS for March 16th until March 23rd 2013. Very excited since we haven't been back to Jamaica since 2005 (CN). We also got married at CSA in 2004. :-D

    I'm a little confused about the restaurants in general.

    From what I can gather:

    Casanova: Dinner only and reservations are required.
    Palazzina: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. Reservations required. Assuming reservations are for dinner only and that you can you have breakfast and lunch there during the designated times w/o reservations?
    Beach Grill: Lunch only. No reservations.
    Bella Vista: Beach Grill at night and Dinner only. No reservations.

    I saw that there was room service most of the day (early AM to later PM).

    It also listed that all the restaurants are closed Tue and Fri. So Tue is the Beach Party and Fri is the Gala, correct?

    Want to figure out where we need to book dinner(s) for when we arrive. Not sure if we will be invited to the Repeat Guest dinner or not since it's been awhile. :-)

    We don't get in until late afternoon on Sat so figure we will do either room service or Bella Vista. Just trying to figure out the other 4 days (definitely want to try all the locations at least once).

    TIA... I'm just a bit confused. :-D

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    You don't have to have breakfast or lunch reservations. Only dinner. The beach grill and Bella vista are physically the same location. Just different menu depending on time. The restaurants are closed for the beach party and gala. Room service is available most of the day.

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    Everything you have stated regarding the three restaurants is correct. Plan to go to the Bella Vista on the night you arrive and also make reservations for the next couple of evenings through guest relations on the first day you arrive. Cassanova was usually the tightest to get reservations for, and as I recall they would like you to only make one reservation at a time for Cassanova.

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    Thank you! Between the Beach Party, Gala and Repeaters Dinner (we've been to CSA and CN)... We only need reservations for 3 dinners. I figured we would do Casanova just once anyways since I only saw one menu. Where Palazzina had different menus for each night.

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