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    My husband and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary with a trip to Tower Isle in March. I keep seeing conflicting information on dress codes for dining, etc. Can someone help me out? I see no sleeveless is allowed, so no sundresses? And I see long pants, does that mean khaki pants? Jeans? Women also? If we decide to stay "casual" and pack light, will we have plenty of dining options still? And is there any other advise you can give first timers like us? Must sees? Don't forgets? Etc.

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    It is not that dressy there, you only need long pants and closed toe shoes at Eight Rivers but it was worth it.

    Plenty of sun dresses there.

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    I think the no sleeveless rule is for men. Khakis are fine. So are sundresses.

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    Sundresses are fine for women. Long pants, collared shirt and closed toe shoes for Men in Eight Rivers only.

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