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    Default CSA: Thinking about going back Sept or even Oct for our anniversary!

    I have talked to our travel agent, know what the price and itinerary look like but my mind must be frozen from the cold temperatures outside because I cannot get myself to commit! My husband and I really enjoyed our honeymoon there since we love the beach. The water is amazing as you all already know. What is my problem!!??? I saw a really nice resort in the Dom.Republic (wanted to travel someplace new at the time) but then read about all these people with stomach problems after vacationing there...yikes! I know we both want to go back to CSA so why can't I just book the trip. I know if I wait too long airfare will go up!

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    Just do it!

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    IDK what your problem is....LOL If my hubby said go for it I would JUMP! Just do it and make sure you buy the Cancel for any Reason insurance!!

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