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    Default Shipwreck Beach Party?? CSA

    Can anyone tell me about the Shipwreck Beach Party on Fridays? Im assuming it is on the beach... Does it have a buffet for dinner? Is it good?

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    Yes, weather permitting its on the beach. They provide an unbelievable buffet and bar. I have seen steel drum bands, contortionist, fashion shows and other entertainment. There are big tables of about eight so you get a chance to mingle with new people. Its a must do at least once.

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    There's a large buffet and seating is large tables (no tables for 2). There are also vendors that set up and the entertainment is a combination of interacting with the audience and individual performers (I think there's a limbo contest on stage as well). We've been lucky enough to watch the whole thing from our verandah on a couple of occasions, but have never joined the festivities as we go to Couples to be a couple - if we wanted to eat with a group of people we don't know, we'd probably try a cruise.

    I'll bet a majority of the comments will be positive....

    CSA is a fabulous resort, and is one that we've returned to exclusively when we have a hankering for a beach vacay.

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    We tried once and the people we were seated with would not speak with us so we left and went to Patios.

    You might want to eat elsewhere, Patios or Feathers, and come back for the entertainment portion

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    One of the best nights at CSA.... curried goat on the buffet! The food is amazing! Our last trip (joined by "Sandy") in October both Friday nights had to be held in the Palms, but the same great menu. Love seeing the vendors out; wish they had more vendors that night, though.

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    If the beach party is actually held on the beach, it is a fun and well organized event. On our latest trip when we were there in January, the weather forced it to move inside to the Palms. It was very crowded and almost impossible to move around. In that case, the best advice is to eat at Patois. But we do enjoy the variety of dishes offered at the beach party, and don't mind at all sitting at a table with strangers. I like to think of them as 8 possible new friends.

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    Thanks for all the information!

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    Has anyone else been to this lately? Three more weeks left till the beach!!!!!!

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