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    Default Possible for CSS people to take Catamaran Cruise at CTI

    I know there is no Cat Cruise at CSS, wondering if it's possible for CSS vacationers to go Cruise at CTI, maybe if CSS people had their own Catamaran at CTI which they could use... Does this make sense? I would make the trek over to CTI to do the cruise. Love Couples and can't wait to get back. If this has been asked before I apologize.

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    I'm pretty sure its for registered guests only.

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    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Heading down in March and would love to do the Catamaran again.

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    Only CTI guests take the cruise. Sorry. It has been heavily debated here on the board.

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    Vickyj is right. There's been lots of ideas put out for CSS guests to be able to enjoy the CTI catamaran cruise, or a CSS catamaran cruise from CTI, but the response has been a resounding "no" from Randymon. The CTI catamaran cruise is for CTI guests only. Bummer!

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    Just this past Wednesday, we were able to shuttle down to CTI to take the cat cruise. I called guest services and asked and it was no problem. They said there were spots open and someone brought us over the CTI for the cruise. It was a great time and we were so glad we asked!

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