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    Default CSS - Ocean Suite or Beachfront Suite???

    Thoughts on choosing the Ocean Suite or the Beachfront Suite?

    Never been to CSS but have been to CSA and CN.

    Pros and cons on each please. :-)

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    Went ahead and booked the Beachfront since I didn't get any responses. I have a bum knee so figure that was the better option.

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    You did good. We have gotten the one bedroom beachfront suite both times and loved it. If you get the ground floor in B building (Bagonia) you can walk out the back sliding glass door straight to the beach! That's what we do. Love it!!!!!!
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    Beachfront Suite Its a tough walk to Ocean Views Plus all you need: beach Beach bar is right by Beach Front Suites

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    Great choice! We booked the beachfront suite again for our return trip!

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