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    Default Spinning at CTI?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a spinning class at CTI?

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    They had it when I was there in 2011.

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    Does that mean you have had too many rum punches? That is why you are spinning?

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    Yes, CTI does offer a spinning/cycling class...or at least they did when we were there this past Spring. While we were there they had a guest instructor that took us through the paces. Nice bikes!

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    I think it all depends on if they have a guest instructor and what they teach.

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    Thank-you all for your replies. My wife will be thrilled.
    jerseygal, Good One!

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    There is Spinning / indoor cycling at CTI. I am a guest Spinning Instructor and will be offering cycling classes the week of January 20.
    Anybody going that week? Stop by for a ride or just to say hi.

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