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    Default Special Message to all Animal Lovers, who also Love Jamaica!

    We would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of the 2012 annual Holiday eBay charity auction, to benefit "The Animal House Jamaica" no-kill humane shelter.

    About The Animal House Jamaica:
    Jamaica has many forgotten animals. Abused, abandoned, injured, and often left to die alone in the hot sun. What for many is an island paradise is, for these animals, an island hell. The Animal House Jamaica was formed to give these animals a second chance. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home as many of these homeless souls as possible, and to offer the few that prove to be un-adoptable a safe and secure sanctuary for life.

    The last few months have been very difficult for The Animal House Jamaica, and we are happy to say that they have survived! However, they certainly could use our help, if you are so inclined. There are some incredible items up for auction, which might be of interest to many of our Couples friends, including a three-night stay at any Couples Resort!!!!!

    If you would like to see ALL of the items up for auction, or for more information, please visit:

    The Animal House Holiday Auction

    Here's your chance to help support a VERY worthy charity, in honor of the holiday giving spirit. And you just might snag something REALLY cool for yourself (or for someone on your gift list)! Bid often, and bid high! But you'll have to outbid Jim & Darcy on a few of those items!!!

    THANKS in advance for any assitance you can give. And you just might end up with a few treasures from the auction. HAPPY BIDDING!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Jim & Darcy

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    I wish I would have seen this before now!!

    Maine Girl

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    I wish I had too... I have five rescued animals, I too live on a 'holiday' island like Jamaica ..... Can you post a link for the animal house website too, I may be able to make a donation in other ways... thanks.. Visiting CN 20th Jan

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    Dear Friends,

    The Animal House Jamaica is ALWAYS in need of funds! If you find it in your heart to make a donation (no matter how large or small), it will be GREATLY appreciated by the animals in need!!!!! It's simple to make a PayPal donation, using the link on The Animal House Jamaica website: Please visit their website, for more information about this very worthy (our favorite) charity organization.

    You can also arrange a visit to The Animal House - on your next Jamaica trip. We usually bring along an extra checked bag full of items to donate to the sanctuary - collars, leashes, lots of medicine for the animals, dog treats, etc. etc.

    By the way, they host this ebay charity auction annually - usually around mid to late December. The minute we hear about next year's auction, we'll post a link on this message board.

    We are REALLY looking forward to that "meal of a lifetime" at Chef Stefan Spath's home - for the fourth year in a row!!! This meal is generously donated to the auction every year - courtesty of Chef Stefan AND Couples Resorts!!! If you'd like to see info. about last year's meal, here are a couple of (mouth-watering) links to articles featured in the Gleaner:

    A feast to remember - Food - Jamaica Gleaner - Thursday | July 26, 2012

    Expression of canine love - Outlook - Jamaica Gleaner - Sunday | July 29, 2012

    Warm Regards,
    Jim & Darcy

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    Bumping this topic back up, in hopes for more exposure. The animals are always in need of assistance!

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    Jim & Darcy,

    Thank you so much for posting this as my mom and I are also animal lovers. I saw your post the day the auctions ended. My mom got on at the last second and bid and won 2 trips! What a great cause!

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    We are so happy for your mom! She will certainly enjoy her trips, and it's even better knowing that all the money is going to such a worthy charity!

    We hope to find out the dates well in advance for December 2013 auction, and plan to let everyone know with plenty of time to get in on the bidding action.

    Jim & Darcy

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    Default Couples stay

    I bid on and won 2 trips on the Aniaml house auction, one of which was the 3 night stay at Couples.
    I am having trouble figuring out how to now makes those reservations.
    Maureen at the Animal House told me to contact Alex Ghisays but I have no contact information for him.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

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    What a great thing! Being an animal lover, I will DEFINITELY by donating or buying something. Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Bumping this thread back up to the top - I've taken several donations on our trip of pet supplies (leashes, collars, first aid supplies) and also donated via PayPal. It's the only shelter on the entire island.
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    It breaks my heart when I see a stray animal wandering along the roadside on the way to our resort. It is good to know that there is an organization there that helps as much as they can. Thanks for the thread. I have visited their website and made a donation. Last year I saw a dog alongside the road with a HUGE tumor on it's side. We were on the bus to our resort and I didn't know whether there was someone to call nor did I have any clue where I was. I can only pray that someone helped the poor thing.

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    I just noticed that there have been over 1200 views of this thread. Imagine if everyone that viewed this was willing to make a $10 donation?? That would help them out a lot! It was super easy...go to their website and donate with your paypall account. Just a thought....

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