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    Default Private sunset cruise

    I understand that a private sunset cruise is now an option if you have 2 couples that want to go. Just wondering if this is true during peak season in Feb. at CSA and if so can we use our resort credits to pay for it?? Also how much is it?? Thanks

    Maine Girl

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    You only need one couple to go. It is $150 per couple so it is pricey. Unfortunately, you cannot use your resort credits for this trip. Still worth it.

    We did it at CSA with another couple. You have a choice at CSA of having your cruise on a small cat or the dive boat. We chose the dive boat, and it was wonderful.

    They fill a cooler with beer, champaign, and mixers you choose. The beer choices were limited. In retrospect though I have to say, don't get hung up on the alcohol choices, because we really did not drink that much in the final analysis.

    We took a bottle of vodka from our mini bar. I don't know if this is encouraged behavior, but it was " No problem mon". We removed the pourer, and capped the bottle with a soda bottle cap, which worked brilliantly.

    They also stock the boat with food. Finger foods mostly. More than you can eat.

    We had two crew members with us. Monty(?) from water sports and the dive boat captain Jeffrey. Monty took care of everything we needed, getting us drinks, towels and such. Jeffrey is an excellent boat captain, and he is very good at his job. Both of them seem to really enjoy going out on the private cruises as much as we did, which helps make the whole thing seem that much more fun and special. We really enjoyed their company.

    You can do pretty much whatever you want to on the cruise. They even offered to let us fish some, but we didn't take them up on it.

    They will ask if you want to snorkel before you go, and if you have any interest you will definitely want to say yes. Month took us on a private snorkel tour out by the cliffs, that was nothing short of fantastic. I have to believe that snorkel trip is a good cut above the daily ones offered by the resort. He knew were everything lived, and since we were a small group, it seemed so much more of a personal tour. It was a real hi light.

    We then went out by Rick's and watched the divers from the boat. Jeffrey was able to get us very close, and I gotta say, from the water is the best place to see the spectacle that is Ricks. We even coaxed Monty into diving... Which he did really well. We spent the rest of our time just cruising the cliffs area and watching the sunset.

    In the end we had a wonderful time. It is expensive at $150/ Couple, but we really felt it was worth every penny. We will be doing it again next year.

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    It does sound like fun!! Not that I am cheap or anything but does it cost 150.00 per couple no matter how many people go?? What time does it leave and return? Thanks for replying to my post Spiff542!!

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    Is this just at CSA? We are going to CTI and this would be nice.

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    Do you know if this is offered at CTI?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kgillespie View Post
    It does sound like fun!! Not that I am cheap or anything but does it cost 150.00 per couple no matter how many people go?? What time does it leave and return? Thanks for replying to my post Spiff542!!
    Unfortunately yes, it is $75.00 per person which is $150 per couple. YMMV if you have a larger group. I don't know if they discount at some point.

    You leave in the afternoon. If the boat is not busy with other duties, you can leave whenever you want. You do need to give them at least a day's notice to change your time, as there is food and beverage to coordinate. As I said before, it's your cruise. So just ask for what you want.

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    Sweet - we are going back to our heart's home to celebrate our 10th Anniversary - wed at CN in 2003 and after a few nice years of returning yearly we have missed our lovely lady for 5 years. Does anyone know if this is available at CN and how long the trip is (I see it leaves in the afternoon but how far ahead of sunset). Thanks - woo hoo KingMelon and CNSmitted will soon be home mon

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