Greetings, my wife and I visited CSA a few years ago and stayed in the Atrium Rooms. We are booking another trip in June and would like to stay in the Premier Beachfront Suites, however they are all booked. CSA still has regular Beachfront Suites but I am finding it impossible to find any pictures of these rooms. Google and Flikr searches all show the Premier Beachfront from a few years ago when they were just designated Beachfront. Even the CSA website does not show the regular Beachfront on the map or in the pictures. Does anyone know where the regular Beachfront Suites rooms are on the property? We like the older part and are not interested in staying in the new buildings. It would be great if someone had a link to some current photos that would give us an idea of the room layout. My understanding is that they do not have the wrap-around porch but I would like an idea of how large it is and what the view is like. For a week the Beachfront is $500 more than the Atrium, so I want to make sure it is worth the extra cost to us

Thanks in advance for your help.