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    Default CSS-HELP!!! Booking soon need HELP PH vs PM suites...

    I have read so many threads about the PH suites and D14 but I haven't read much on the PM suites. I know the only difference is the jacuzzi tube in the middle of the room with a great ocean view...awesome. Have anyone staied in PM? Is it worth it? Does anyone have pics of the PM?
    This is our 20th anniversary and we never book a premium rooms before. Since everyone wants D block or D14 (which I want too) I want to make sure I have a stress free and romanic anniversary vacation of a life time. I really don't want to have to stress about if I getting a good room or not. Exspeically since I am working a lot of OT for this vac .
    This our frist time at CSS our home is at CSA which we love and missSo we are excited about our upcoming vacation.

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    The Prime Minister Suite (there is just one) is awesome. We were fortunate to get upgraded to it before it became its own room category. The balcony is totally private... the balcony in D14 is not. (most of the penthouse suites have one side of the balcony open to the rest of the outside of the building, and/or just a wooden lattice for privacy) The prime minister suite's balcony is TOTALLY private... very romantic and needless to say a lot of time was spent there. We were able to enjoy this balcony au natural and feel completely comfortable especially in the evening.... you get my drift. So go for this room if you can afford it, you won't regret it. Plus its location, in the middle of the resort is perfect compared to the G block penthouse suites which are amazing as well, but a long walk away from most of the action, and the beaches.

    That balcony was heaven and all other balconies have paled since for us!

    So go for it!

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