We are renewing our vows on 8/28/13 which is our 20th anniversary. I am really hoping we can get a sunset time slout. We have no friends and family coming to celebrate with us, it is just the two of us. It will be very nice to meet ppl that are going to be out there during the time we are going to celebrate (my hubby's bday is on the 24th). We arrive on 8/23/13 to 8/30/13 wish i can stay longer. 5 yrs ago we nenewed our vows at CSA and it was amazing. This is our frist time going to CSS and we can't wait. i was looking at the picture of the penthouse suit and was disappointed that the bathrooms are small and no tube. I am wondering what rooms are the best rooms? I had looked at one bedroom, PH, and the MP.