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    Default CTI Veterans- us newbies need your ADVICE!!

    My husband and I will be honeymooning at CTI Jan 4-11...
    We have never traveled before, never been out of the US, and we are SO VERY excited to leave the very cold winter of good ol' South Dakota

    18 more sleeps and we'll be on our way. I've been scouring the blogs and doing my research, but wanted to make one last call out to all the veterans...

    Give me any small pointers, what we DO need to pack and what not to even worry about... any information big or small would be greatly appreciated!!


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    when we go in the dead of winter, I always take some shorts in my backpack to change into at our connection airport and then I feel like I am on vacation.

    You do not need as many clothes as you think, you are in a bathing suit all day. I wear nice shorts and a nice shirt to most of the restaurants, you only need to dress for Eight Rivers

    Take plenty of sunscreen and a little bug spray, you do not need a lot of cash, take plenty of $1 bills for tips on the way over. Take your camera, the island is beautiful.

    Try the Island at least once

    When you get to the airport in MoBay just follow the crowds, they will lead you to immigration and then you go down to baggage claim and then to customs with your bags and then you will easily find the Couples lounge

    Have a great trip!

    Do not buy anything from strangers at the Airport, wait

    Enjoy the resort, you do not have to take an excursion every day

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    Thank you so much!

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    My typical advice is to try as many different activities, foods, drinks etc as possible. If you haven't had Asian food, try it. If you don't like it, grab a burger at the grill, or try a different restaurant. Talk to as many staff members as possible. The more they know you and the more pleasant you are, the nicer your stay will be. Usually I recommend talking to as many guests as possible too for the same reason. You will see the same people over and over. Eventually, the stress of everyday life ends and you all become friends, unless it's a week with large groups. Then we stay over by the main pool, beach or island.

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    Great advice, thank you drbcwp! First-timers here as well...CTI in just over 5 weeks!!

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    Once you land in Mobay, Go thru customs,, find the Couples Lounge,, Youll be greeted,,, an now your on your vacation,, Your bags are taken an loaded by Couples employes Next outside airport you'll stop for cooler of Red Stripes,, then your on your way to meeting new friends enjoying a cool one, Dont over pack,, you will need nice evening clothes,, but most of time we spent at resort we was in our swim suits or on the island, Dont worry be happy,, We promise,, be best vacay you've ever been on yet, We go back in Feb2014

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    Anything worth traveling off the resort to do??

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    Anything worth leaving the resort for??

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    I look forward to hearing more tips & advice! We are first timers headed there in January!

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    Well I don't have any pointers, but I'll post to keep the thread up top as my fiance and I will be honeymooning Jan 2-8 at CTI, so I'm interested in seeing what the vets have to say.

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    Though, while I'm at it... I'm a bit confused on the dress code for the Eight Rivers. Could you elaborate on what is appropriate so that we can pack accordingly?

    To my understanding, a button down island-y shirt with a pair of slacks and shoes (no tucked in shirt or belt required) is all that the guys are asked to wear to be admitted to the 'classy' restaurant. Or am I wrong and will I need a belt and a nice buttoned down shirt with a tie, slacks, and dress shoes?

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    Hawaiian Shirt,, an kahki dress slacks an nice loafer shoes for men,, no sandals at night in up scale resturants,, Didnt see many ties at night
    Light weight island summer dresses for women an or slacks,
    Jamaica is VERY Laid back,, you find out what we mean,, Once you go you know,, Relax an enjoy!
    Eight Rivers Lobster night is a must try, Chefs there cook their BEST at everything from bread to desert.. e promise,, you newbies will be amazed!

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    We just returned from CTI (very late last night) and had a wonderful time. My fiance and I packed nice clothes for Eight RIvers but then never ended up going. We did enjoy the Bayside restaurant (Asian food) and would recommend it. Shorts and a t-shirt were acceptable there even though reservations were required. As for going off the resort, I definitely recommend Dunn's River Falls and the catamaran cruise (the trips are both included in your resort amenities, but you do need money to tip your falls guide and catamaran crew). The one thing I didn't have but needed was some bug spray. My fiance did not get any bites, but I enjoyed reading on my balcony in the early morning as the sun rose and I believe that is when I got bitten (also useful on your legs for the beach party night). My other tip is to do some of the activities. The games and activities help you to get to know some other couples and the activites coordinators were a lot of fun (and can be helpful in answering questions). Finally, it was a bit windy while we were there so the water was sometimes choppy (made for an exciting ride through the waves on the catamaran) so if you have a nice calm day, take advantage of it with water activities. I also heard from other couples that the off site shopping excursion was not that great. The store vendors are aggressive and you can get wonderful craft items on the beach each day (a different vendor each day sets up on the beach) or on the evening of the beach party there are several vendors set up by the pool.

    You really will spend most of your time in your bathing suit so bring a coverup to wear when you want to eat and I recommend a couple of suits so you can rotate each day and not have to put on a wet suit (this was not a problem for my fiance, but I found it better to switch between suits).

    That is all I can think of for now, but if you have more questions, just post them and I can reply. It is all fresh in my mind since we just returned (and are thinking already about when to go back).

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    thank you Mark&Terry and California Couple for the helpful advice... we really appreciate it. Only about 10 days until we're at CTI ourselves!

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    Thank you Mark&Terri and California Couple for the helpful advice. Only about 10 days and we'll be on CTI ourselves!

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    We just returned a week ago and personally we didn't leave the resort for ANYTHING! It was our intention during both of our visits to CTI to visit Dunns River Falls, but once we arrived it was just so relaxing to stay at the resort and do nothing but snorkeling twice a day and swimming on the beach. We heard from other couples as well that they wished they didn't do the shopping trip because of how aggressive the vendors were. I heard mixed reviews of Margaritaville. I heard that it was very expensive and meant for a younger crowd.
    It's your vacation and enjoy and your plans will likely change once you get there and relax!

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    Thanks for the up date! sounds like you had a great time. Question: Was there or was there not Red Stripe in the mini bar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Godwins View Post
    Well I don't have any pointers, but I'll post to keep the thread up top as my fiance and I will be honeymooning Jan 2-8 at CTI, so I'm interested in seeing what the vets have to say.
    Very exciting! Hopefully we can meet! As we are first time honeymooners as well

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    Dunns River is very unique, if you have time > 4 days then it would be fun to visit, only about 10 minutes from the resort but takes several hours out of your day.

    We did the atv tour once, it was fun.

    Margaritaville, they have shuttles going there and if you have never been to one..... but, overprice drinks and crowded during the day when the ships are there because Margaritaville is right there where the ships dock.

    we ended up eating at Eight Rivers 3x during our 7 night stay, the food and service was worth putting on long pants, I think that we ate at Bayside 3x also.

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    I just came across your post - we are from SD too I hope you are enjoying CTI...we were maried there in 2006, back in 2011 and going back in Oct (yea!!).

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