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    Default Mini bar question...

    This might come across wrong, and I don't want it to, but I have a question. I have been on the board for a few years and there is one thing I could never understand. And it might just be my slow country butt.
    Why do folks get upset about the mini-bar?? I've heard everything from"Why is it not stocked with top shelf liquor" to "Now I have to order what I want" and various other complaints. Really? I mean aren't you a 3-6 minute walk to a bar? I'm not a big drinker and maybe that's why I don't get it. But I always tend to chuckle a little when I read "it took them and hour to bring another bottle". Mean while they could have been at the beach grill relaxing and being served by someone else.
    Again, just wondering....thank you couples for supply a mini-bar !!

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    Maybe your having fun in the room and don't want to get dressed to go out to the bar. Also at night when you are vegging in the room, it changes the whole dynamic to have to get yourself together to go out for a drink. You have to admit that a drink in your own room is much more convenient than walking to a bar to get one. I think some of the complaints are petty, but mini-bars are a bonus and a luxury and it's always nice if they are properly set up and run.

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    I could care less about liquor in the mini bar, I just wish they would keep it stocked with water and soda. I would settle for that.

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    I don't get the fuse either. The first time we went our room didn't have a mini bar we didn't care. The second time we went it did, and it took two days to get it stocked. And our third trip when we could pre check in and there were still issue with the mini bar we laughed. I think we may have 6 drinks in our room over a two week stay so for us the mini bar is nice but not a big deal and if all a person has to complain about is the mini bar you know it was a great trip.

    However other people may see it a little different and if it is something that is included it should be done as well as everything else Couples does.

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    If there ever was a perfect example of "no good deed goes unpunished", Couples giving us mini bars would be it. .

    They rolled out a pretty nice (and expensive to maintain) inclusion, and then extended it to everyone. Many of us responded to the changes by immediately bashing them because they were not equipped to instantly meet each and every one of our whimsical desires.

    It often seems that there is a certain segment of the customer base that will be angry with the mini-bar situation no matter what they do. The level of frustration the mini-bars inspire surprises me, quite frankly. It's to the point that I wonder if Couples might consider getting rid of them all together.

    Personally, we seem to use the mini bar more and more each year. And getting pissed off about it never seems to cross my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IACouple View Post
    I could care less about liquor in the mini bar, I just wish they would keep it stocked with water and soda. I would settle for that.
    Amen brother. You have summed up my view of the mini bar "issue" very well in your post. It is a nice extra that has little to do with our enjoyment of CSA.

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    We love the mini bar, especially late in the afternoon when we can't take any more sun. We head back to the room, sit out on the balcony and enjoy the fantastic view while sipping on a nice cold beer. Perfect time to enjoy a cigar too. Who wants to head down to the beach, go up and down steps, to bring back a small glass of beer. Other nights we may come back early from the entertainment and enjoy a beer while catching something on TV. To us, it makes our trip more enjoyable/convenient... and it's nice when they can keep it stocked and we don't have to haggle over it. Yeah Mon, every little thing gonna be alright.

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    IACouple, Redinthehead Spiff542
    Thank confirmed what I had always suspected.
    Well said Spiff542!

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