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    Default A question on rescheduling or *gulp* canceling...

    So, we're scheduled to go to CTI again at the end of May 2013. But, I am currently also starting the process of interviewing for a new job. Now, my plan is to wait until before the employer makes an offer, but after it looks like a given to get the position. Pretty much, my thinking boils down to, if my mentioning that I have a vacation scheduled (and mostly paid for) before I get hired is enough to keep me from getting hired, than that's not a place I think I'd want to work (unless the money is significantly better) Being asked if I could rescheduled the trip is another story.

    So my question is (and I suspect the answer will be to contact reservations directly,) if we need to rescheduled will we lose the benefits of our early booking (price and resort credits.) If we need to (please no, please no, please no) cancel, my understanding is (we did the love-away plan) as long as we cancel before 45 days(?) we get a full refund? OK, just re-checked the refund, so that's OK.

    Jason A.

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    I am not sure how that would work...but hopefully you won't have to do either. I was in a similar position. We booked our wedding/honeymoon to CTI in March 2012. I was offered the job I was hoping for in the end of Sept 2011. I did not mention it during the interview process, but that was my personal perference. As soon as I was offered the job, I met with my "head boss" on my first day to let her know that I was getting married and already booked our trip out of the country. Thankfully, they were okay with it and said that was fine. I was willing to go a week without pay if I needed to, as long as it meant I was able to go, but thankfully I earned enough comp/vacation time by then to not have to do that. Our parents also came for our wedding, my Dad was in the same boat. The company he worked with, for the past 20+ years went out of business, so he got a new job in Jan 2012, just 3 months before our trip. He did not mention it in the interview process, but as soon as he was offered the job he explained everything. They allowed him to go as well, and use vacation time he had not yet earned. Hopefully your new boss will be understanding as well.

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    Yeah, I've had to do similar once. When I started my current job (not the one I interviewed for recently) the wife and I had a trip to the Bahamas paid for. Said trip was about a month after my interviews, so what I did is, once the interview was completed, and before an offer had been made (or a thank you for your time don't come back,) I informed them about the need for the time off.

    I figure, tell them before they decide to hire, and let them figure out how they want to handle it.

    In the case of the job I interviewed for recently, I'm thinking I might mention it at the 2nd phone interview or first face-to-face.

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