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    Default Red Stripe in mini bar

    Just back from CSA. You get 2-4 Red Stripe per day, I guess depending on the whim of the mini-bar guy.

    No Red Stripe lite and there is still Carib floating around.

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    Thanks for the update Zaraforty! Arriving Thursday and hoping Redstripe is in the mini -bar!!!!

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    At CSS right now, and Carib is a standard minibar item. Red Stripe are Red Stripe Light are available as a $3/bottle upgrade, as are Heineken, Guinness, and Miller Lite for $4/bottle. Before we arrived, we checked the boxes for whiskey and gin, so there were a couple new fifths of "well" gin and blended scotch waiting for us. I believe Appleton rum is also a standard "included" option. There are a bunch of premium wines and liquors available to upgrade your minibar for an upcharge as well (some are quite expensive, compared to what you can purchase them for in the U.S.). Please note that there is no charge for Red Stripe at the bars. We'll be at CTI tomorrow, and expect there will be a similar minibar setup/policy.

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