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    Default Top shelf alcohol

    Hi will be at CN in 11 days, can someone please clarify the status of top shelf alcohol at the bars, have heard recently that top shelf is only stocked in one bar and Tia Maria is no longer available ?

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    We were at CN in late Oct 2012. Top shelf was at every bar. Not sure about Tia Maria as we were not specifically looking for it

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    Just returned from a week and a half from CTI and CSS. There was "top shelf" alcohol at all of the bars, including Tia Maria. It was not a problem for us to get Glenlivet or Courvoisier or Hennessy at any of bars at both resorts. No worries. Enjoy your trip!

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    Randymon - there have been numerous posts about top shelf alcohol and what is available in what bar. Can you please clarify - it might reduce the number of comments,

    I am coming back home at the end of February and would like to see this discussion clarified and closed


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    Regarding the minibars, we are currently at CSS, and they are still getting $3/bottle for beer upgrades to Red Stripe or Red Stripe Light.

    The reply by "rudi" on this now closed thread still is accurate as of Dec15-19. Randymon must have meant that they are not charging for it at the regular bars (which is true), because they definitely are for the minibars here at CSS. Heineken, Guinness and Miller Lite are $4/bottle.

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