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    Default thanksgiving at couples

    Do any of the resorts do anything special over Thanksgiving or is it just another great day in paradise?

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    I went to CN last year and CSS this year. Both times they had a nice dinner on the beach that included thanksgiving type foods. Its was very good.

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    we have been at CN for the last 4 Thanksgivings..... Thursday is beach party night and they over the top with my favorite jerk turkey and extra entertainment. We also arrive that day and is a great way to start the holiday!!
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    what about CSA. Thurs is not a beach party night. There's is on Fri.

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    Another day in paradise except for some dishes with turkey and cranberry in them. And that was just how I liked it! Also, did some Black Friday shopping via internet from my beach lounger...that was different than normal too! LOL We loved our Jamaican Thanksgiving so much we booked it again!

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    This is good to know.... I was going to ask this! We are planning a trip to CN for Thanksgiving week and I wondered if they did anything "special" on T-Day.

    Headed to CSS in March. So excited to try the "other side" (Only been to CN and CSA). Also very grateful that we will be coming HOME 2x this year!

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    hoping for jerk turkey.

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