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    Default Inability to tan and sunburn very easily

    I am VERY fair and never tan. When I was 16, I spent a week in the hiospital with sun poisoning after trying (unsuccessfully) to get tan like some of my spanish friends. I am in my mid 50's now, and although it sounds like heaven to go AN, the reality is I can never lay out in the full sun without rsking another dose of sunpoisoning (or worse). I love beach vacations, but always wear a hat, slather up and stay under an umbrella 90% of the time. Given this, do you think there would be any possibility that I could go AN? It seems as though I would have to stay huddled under an umbrella. What fun would that be? HELP!!!

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    My husband has very fair skin and used to burn at the first sight of sun. We discovered a lotion called P20 (we're in the UK, don't know if it's available in the US) that you apply once in the morning 15 minutes before you go out. You can swim and do anything after that and you don't have to reapply. It's the only thing we've ever found that allows him to spend time in the sun. OK, you still burn if you're out too long, but that's the same with everything.

    I've never heard of sun poisoning. Sounds nasty!

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    All three of the resorts have shade at their AN facilities. I try not to get too much sun and find myself in the shade
    90% of the time. Lather up, put your hat on, find the shade, relax and enjoy. Who says you have to lay out in the hot sun?

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    I have similar problems with burning and not tanning, and I still have fun at SSB. You can find shade when you need it.

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