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    Default CSA Bathrooms & Beach

    My fiancee and I are planning our honeymoon in late May and I was wondering how big/nice the bathrooms and showers are in the Garden Verandah Suites (or any others if we choose to upgrade).

    Some friends of ours went three years ago in May and said that the beach would get crowded and he would have to go and claim chairs before they were all taken up. Does the resort have a "crowded" feel at times, or is it large enough that you don't really notice?



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    We have only seen the bathrooms in the beachfront verandah suites, the beachfront suites, and the greathouse jacuzzi suites. The GHJS bathrooms are by far the nicest (jacuzzi, two sinks, separate shower). The BFVS bathrooms are perfectly OK, but nothing fancy (combo shower/tub). Many (if not all) of the BFS rooms have showers only. I travel a lot for work and vacation, and we have been to many resorts where the bathrooms are stunning. Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is not the case at CSA. Having said that, we keep coming back to CSA. And it's not that we don't know any better.

    We usually go to CSA in January/February when the resort is typically at or near capacity. Yes, sometimes it can be difficult to find two chairs together exactly where you might want them if you wait until 10:00 to go out and find chairs. But it's usually not a problem - there are lots of loungers and chairs, you might have to walk a bit to find them.

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    Been twice in May. Resort sold out both times. If you do want to upgrade do it asap. May is very busy with honeymooners and will most likely sell out.

    Despite being full, we never had issue getting chairs. Would usually get to beach by 10ish. The worse thing you would ever have to do is drag two chairs together.

    As far as the bathrooms, as previous poster stated they are modest at best. Don't go here for the bathrooms, you will be disappointed.

    We always stay in garden room and enjoy the privacy. Have fun!

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