I've been a lurker on the boards, doing all my research about whether we should go to Couples or some other all-inclusive resort. Well I've made up my mind and I'm 99.9% sure we're going to do the Secret Rendezvous for January!!! I'm so excited! I traveled to (inland) Jamaica as a child, and have been on a couple of cruises, but I have ALWAYS wanted to vacation at a tropical, all-inclusive resort. This will be a sort of belated 5 year anniversary trip.

My question for you Couples veterans: Are there days of the week that certain activities happen that we should make sure we're present for? We will be staying 5 nights, but fortunately our schedule is flexible so we can choose which dates we go. I have read a tiny bit about the resort switch/swap that you can do, and that it only happens on certain days, right? Are there any other tips like that, you all can give me? Thanks so much! I have been planning this vacay for months, and it feels so good to have my decision made that I might not be able to sleep tonight #lastminuteFTW