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    Default So excited for our first Couples trip!

    I've been a lurker on the boards, doing all my research about whether we should go to Couples or some other all-inclusive resort. Well I've made up my mind and I'm 99.9% sure we're going to do the Secret Rendezvous for January!!! I'm so excited! I traveled to (inland) Jamaica as a child, and have been on a couple of cruises, but I have ALWAYS wanted to vacation at a tropical, all-inclusive resort. This will be a sort of belated 5 year anniversary trip.

    My question for you Couples veterans: Are there days of the week that certain activities happen that we should make sure we're present for? We will be staying 5 nights, but fortunately our schedule is flexible so we can choose which dates we go. I have read a tiny bit about the resort switch/swap that you can do, and that it only happens on certain days, right? Are there any other tips like that, you all can give me? Thanks so much! I have been planning this vacay for months, and it feels so good to have my decision made that I might not be able to sleep tonight #lastminuteFTW

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    Congratulations on choosing Couples!

    Because you are doing the Secret Rendevous, there's no way to tell which resort you will be given. Although if you are traveling in January, chances are it will not be CSA, since they are frequently sold out in peak season. The resorts each schedule "events" on different nights. For example, lobster night is on a Saturday at CSA, but it is a different night at CSS. Trading places always takes place during the week, though (vs. on the weekends). Most of the special events tend to happen during the weekdays (the beach party is on a Friday at CSA, International night is on a Monday). The repeaters dinner at CSS is on Thursday; it's on a Monday at CSA.

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    Trading Places (the switch swap) I believe is limited to Romance Rewards members (hint: register for Romance Rewards). Other than that, the schedule of events likely depends on the property you are visiting.

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    Oh just be excited that you have chosen the best -Couples! Do not worry about what days you will be there and what you need to do. You are going to have the time of your life at whatever Couples resort they send you. Just be excited, be very excited!

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    • CSS Dunnís River

    Every Day except Friday at 10:00 AM

    • CSS Dinners

    Tuesday Beach Party
    Wednesday Lobster Night
    Thursday Repeaterís Dinner
    Friday Starlight Gala
    <font size=2>
    CN 2006, CSS 2009, CN 2009, CN 2010, CTI 2010, CN 2011, CSS 2012, CN 2012, CN 2013, CSA 2014, CN 2014, CSA 2015, CN 2015, CN 2016, CN 2018, CN2019

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    Thanks for your response everyone! We officially booked it two days ago and I'm so excited! Can't wait to hear which resort we get assigned to, but I know it'll be wonderful no matter what. We will be arriving on a Sunday and departing on Friday.

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