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    Default what is the best day to leave and come on

    hello, we are about to book our reservation for CSA we are going to be staying 7 nights and 8 days. we will be taking the over night flight for LAX and will be arriving in Jamaica around 10:30 in the morning we were thinking getting there on april 23, 2010 a friday and leaving april 30,2010 a friday as well do you have any opions about this????? if so let us know i am so excited about this trip

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    We have done Friday to Friday before and it worked out well. You will be at the resort 7 nights so you will not miss anything.

    If you want the lowest airfare look into Wednesday or Thursday.
    Irie Mon

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    hi, we are going to be at csa april 19-29 for the first time. I am not sure first hand what days are best but, someone wrote that alot of people are checking in and out on Sundays. So we are going to try and get in on a monday or tuesday to avoid the line. Can't wait to go hurry up april

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    Any day of the week is a good day to leave for Jamaica.

    There is NEVER a good day for coming home!

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    We have been going to Jamaica for our anniversary for 14 years now--15th trip this year as the honeymoon was trip one. Several years ago we lengthened the trip to 8 days 7 nights as yours will be (had started with a Monday thru Friday) and began experimenting with which days were best to travel. I'm sure this can vary for everyone but for us it has worked out best on Tuesday for a few reasons.

    We take that Monday off work also to pack and do last minute errands and we stay overnight at a hotel close to the airport in case we over sleep or have bad weather as we are in the midwest and live about an hour from the airport. Makes a nice start to the vacation as we leave home in the late afternoon, check in to the hotel and have dinner and feel like we've started vacation on Monday. Monday's are not a good day to fly though due to higher rates so that's why we don't do this same routine a day earlier--avoid flying Friday thru Monday.

    We get back on Tuesday and take off work Wednesday so we can unpack and settle back in and return to work on Thursday so we have a short week that week. Makes a decent return to work with a weekend in the near future.

    The resorts are often more crowded on the weekends so you can start and end your trip on a quieter note.

    Just my thoughts and obviously everyone has their passions for the reasons they plan their trips as they do. No matter when you go you will have a great time in Jamaica.

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    We have made our previous trips to CSA on tuesdays and thursdays because of airfare prices and package vacations. Next summer we are again traveling tuesday to tuesday because the airfare prices were best for us. As stated above, it seems to be less hectic arriving and leaving in the middle of the week also.

    Works for us, your milage may vary.

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    We did Friday to Friday last year and it was great. For whatever reason, Friday was the cheapest travel day when we went which is initially why we booked it that way. Now I would have a tough time doing it any other way. I packed for months in advance so getting ready was not an issue. But having the entire weekend to unpack and get ready for the next week was heaven.

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