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    Default Yazmon live @ CSA

    Hi all-- We made it down here, on Thursday, wihout any problems. The Midwest was hit once again, with a snow storm. If we would have left 24 hours sooner our flight would have been canceled.

    Last year we waited over an hour in line at Immigration. So, this year we bought the Club MoBay passes. 5 planes land with in 30 minutes of each other. As we stepped off of the jet way a young lady greeted us with our names on a sign. She double checked our custom's forms and escourted us to the Immigration line. She had said that two other planes had just landed. As we came down the ramp there were very few people in line--maybe 50. We went to the far right and bypassed them. We waited about 60 seconds for the next available agent and went right through. We waited about 5 minutes for our bags and then she took us to the head of the custom's line. There were 3 lines of about 30 people each. She took us to the front of the line and we waited about 30 seconds. She then delivered us to the Couple's lounge, we checked in and took seats in the Club MoBay lounge. It's right next to the Couple's lounge. MoBay has a few more drink options and food. All told we saved maybe 30 minutes. My wife called it an insurance policy. It's there if you need it. I would do it again next trip. We leave a week from Saturday and the airport will be a zoo. The exit portion is always worth it.

    We ended up waiting for about 30 minutes. We had friends coming in on the American flight out of Chicago. We all wanted to be on the same bus. All told we had the 8 of us and two other couples. We stopped at the Shell gas station, just outside of the airport, and cleaned them out of regular beer (12). They still had some ginger beer and some Red Stripe stout. Our driver was good, fast, but not dangerous. We stopped just outside of Lucea, on the old road to Negril, and used the bathroom and purchased a few more beers. We dropped one couple off at Couples Negril, we walked around their lobby for 5 minutes and then we were off to CSA.

    Sparkling wine and cool towels greeted us. Our friends were off to their rooms. We had booked a Premier Beachfront. None were available until Friday. 1st floor room on Saturday. We opted to wait until Saturday and get the 1st floor room. They did put us in a Beachfront room, 1231, 2nd floor, just above Seagrapes. It's an OK room, but you hear the entertainment at the Palms. We had been up since 2:30 am and were trying to get some sleep. They did have us talk to one of the managers. They gave us a $100 resort credit for not being in our original room the first night. Opting out the second night was our choice, so I felt that $100 was fair. We endend up going for a walk on the beach, dinner at Cabana Grille and then in bed by 6:30.

    We got up today (Friday) about 6:30 am and had coffee on the verandah. We both did some email for awhile and then we hit th gym at 8:30. 10am we grabbed a little food at the Palms and are headed to the beach. My search for TORCH will begin right now. Jeff--I'll track him down or find his brother!!!

    More later--YAZ

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    YAZ, you da man...mon..

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    awe man, have fun!!

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    Cool YAZ. Maybe Torch fell off the path and is in the sand by the base of a palm tree?? Poor thing... Thanks for word & have a great time! Have a rumpunch for me! Will keep looking for updates! Razzl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearso View Post
    YAZ, you da man...mon..
    I wholeheartedly agree. You the man! Have some fun for me and MB!

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    Yaz, Glad to hear that someone is on the hunt to find the little guy or one of his family members. We are returning Home on the 18th til the 28th and I am sure that he will have a great time hanging out with us. If you manage to locate him I am sure Anthony or one of the boys at the Dive Shop will watch over him til we get there. They know i'm on the way. Good luck. Soon Come Back Mon.

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    Hey. At CN til Wed. then over to CSA. Have to agree about Club Mobay. Landed at 2.45 and through customs, had luggage and on to bus by 3.20. Definitely worth it. Line up was way up ramp. We are CSA loyalists so first time here but like it. Booked beachfront but upgraded to beachfront suite. Not sure why but sure like it. Not fair to compare after one day but am looking forward to CSA next week. Weather today not great but this sun deprived Canadian skin still got sunburnt.

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    Name:  DSCN0396 (480x640).jpg
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Size:  185.3 KBHere is the new TORCH. The new rule is--if you have him, write your name on him. I think what happened is---someone had him, didn't know how to get him to Ultimate, on the day that they were leaving, so they took him home. Gibby has a great idea. Let's hand him off at the scubba hut. I will go down and talk to Anthony and make sure that it's ok with them. That way if you don't hand him off in person you can go to the scuba hut.

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    New TORCH (v2) is very nice! So... how's things? Weather good? Water warm?? I can see from your picture the pm clouds are building in their usual form and place w/the sun out. Anything new? How's Elvis? Love - Razzl

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    I LOVE reading your description! I can't wait to be there (several dang days from now). I'm so happy you got a new Torch, I am looking forward to searching for him once we arrive!

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    Way to go Yaz! Hats off to ya. Now we need a name. I am arriving early on the 18th and the Dive Shop is the 2nd stop when I get there. Anthony, Shaggy, Franz, Glen-roy and the guys are fantastic and will keep him safe. Enjoy the rest of your days and look forward to some pics and updates! 10 more days.. Ya Mon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gibbyvaca View Post
    Way to go Yaz! Hats off to ya. Now we need a name. I am arriving early on the 18th and the Dive Shop is the 2nd stop when I get there. Anthony, Shaggy, Franz, Glen-roy and the guys are fantastic and will keep him safe. Enjoy the rest of your days and look forward to some pics and updates! 10 more days.. Ya Mon!
    Make sure they know it is Steve form Nova Scotia AKA "Scuba Steve"

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    We arrive on April 28th and the dive shop is also our 2nd stop - love this idea!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
    CTI - 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013
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    He has a name....TORCH...!

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    Name:  DSCN0418 (640x480).jpg
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Size:  194.5 KBIt's been really windy. The cold front punched through and we had waves for 3 days. Today the water is more calm and the the day is perfect. Very few clouds. says 30% chance of afternoon rain. No chance today.

    We ate at Lemongrass last night. Great as usual. No lamb on the menu, other than lamb kabobs. Life is good here. Changes happen, but CSA is still the best place to be.

    I was taking a photo for Kelly and Asheigh, at the wedding gazebo on the beach, before our lunch at Seagrapes. We had Torch v2 along and Kelly said "is that Torch?? I saw is photo on the MB." I said sure. Do you want to take his picture. I took a couple with their camera and this one with mine. Torch v2 is famous already.
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    Looks like all is well & you're enjoying! 5 more days til we fly!! Have a rum punch for Razzl please!!

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    Is there an active torch anymore?

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