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    Can some of you knowledgable vets tell me more about the restaurants at CSS?

    I see on the Couples website that Palazzina has a different menu for each day of the week (minus the Beach Buffet and Starlight Gala evenings). However, Bella Vista and Cassanova only have one menu each. Do they also have choices that change each day?

    I was also wondering if you can you see each restaurants menus for the week before you reserve? I'd like to pick our restaurants based on what they are serving because I do not have very adventurous taste buds :P I am sure everything will be delicious, but I like to know what they are serving before choosing our dinner spot!


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    I can check when we get there next week. When we started going to CSS I'm pretty sure Bella Vista had a single menu, but that changed a year or two ago.

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    One quick suggestion is to make this the time you DO have adventurous taste buds. Try things you would not usually have or risk ordering at home because you would not want to spend money on something you would not like to eat. If you don't like it (rare at Couples) just get something else as this is an all inclusive. I don't usually eat that much fish but once at Couples I try to have some at most meals. Yes...even breakfast at times! They know how to do fish!
    The Cassanova is the fancier sit down restaurant and their menu does not really change but make reservations early to sit inside. The Palazzina serves breakfast and lunch buffet syle and has a bit more variety in those dishes as well as their sit down dinner. The Bella Vista is actuall set up down by the water at the beach grill and has some variety. Go to the Couples website, click on CSS at the top and then their link for restaurants and you will find sample menues under each.

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    We just returned from CSS. Palazzina has two different menus, one that runs Sat, Sun & Mon, and the other that runs on Wed & Thur (restaurant is closed on Tuesday for beach party and Friday for the Gala). It looked to us that Cassanova did have one menu (pretty sure that is the case). We didn't eat at Bella Vista so can't comment.

    The menus for all of the restaurants are set out at the entrance of Palazzina. I don't think you'll be able to see the weeks worth of menus, just the menu in effect for a particular day.

    Enjoy your trip!

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    I think the menu at Casanova changes once a week. So my hubby and I make reservations for multiple evenings so we can try everything before the menu changes! What we usually do, is when I'm checking us in, hubby is over at the Guest Relations Desk making our dinner reservations. Also don't forget when dining, if you see multiple appetizers, entrees, or desserts that you would like to try, go ahead and do it! You're on vacation mon!

    As I remember from our last trip, when we were at Palazzina for breakfast, they would have the dinner menu out on a table at the entrance to the restaurant....not sure if they still do that....

    Have a great trip!

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    Thank you for all of the helpful tips!

    It is good to know that Cassanova only has 2 menus because that is the restaurant that had the most meals I wanted to try -- we will do what SuzyQ does and try to get as many reservations there as possible.

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