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    Default Ocean View rooms at CTI

    Does anyone know what the difference is between Superior Oceanview and Premier Oceanview at CTI?

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    They all overlook the ocean as stated, but it is just location which building you may be in, that is all.

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    It is all about location in the buildings and the view. Premier has the better view.

    Superior Oceanview: Located in the South Wing, block #5 on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. These rooms face the cove next to the resort, not Tower Island.

    Premier Oceanview: Located in the New building block #2 on 1st and 2nd floors and Main building, block#3 on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. These rooms face Tower Island
    Irie Mon

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    The location is the only difference. All of the rooms with "ocean" in it have a wonderful view.

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    Default Thanks!

    This info will help us decide which room category to choose!

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    When we stayed (before renovation), I didnt realise there were 2 different 'ocean' views and we ended up in the South Wing. Personally, had I known this, I would have asked for the wing looking out at Tower Isle.

    I did not particularly like the view of the private residence, which at that time was rather run down. You have no sense of anything going within CTi - in fact, we felt a bit cut off over in the South Wing.

    Having said all that, it did not detract from our 2-week stay and we can't wait to return next year (just not to the South Wing!)

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    we are staying in the Ocean Jr. Suite for our honeymoon, do you get a good view in that room????

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    Quote Originally Posted by stef528 View Post
    we are staying in the Ocean Jr. Suite for our honeymoon, do you get a good view in that room????

    Yes you will, it is a very nice room with mini bar. You will be in the new section, building 2 or the main building, building 3.
    Irie Mon

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