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    We are wanting to book CN for late Jun/early Jul. trying to figure out what's the best time to book. My husbands work schedule can get a bit hard to project so I'm trying to figure out if I should just pick a week and hope it works (will purchase air at a later date) so we can take advantage of the book before jan 15 deal but get trip insurance incase we have to change dates. Or should we wait tell later. I just don't know how much the priced will go up if we don't do the book early deal

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    We booked several months ago for CSA 5/2013 with "All inslusive" saved at least 200.00 on the room. We had a lower price change and they "All inclusive outlet" were able to give us the savings with no additional cost!

    They also offer trip inssurance. I believe they are associated with American Exxpress travel!

    Good luck We sure did!

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    We booked our May 2013 trip to CN last week. We knew the early escape expired 15 Jan and just kep watching the Wednesday specials. When the resort credits were offered and exceeded the price difference, we booked. We also used all inlcusive
    Paid less than our Oct 2012 trip
    CN, Oct 2012, CN May 2013, CN Dec 2013, CN Dec 2014, CN Dec 2015, CN Dec 2016, Booked CN Dec 2017

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    That's the website I was looking at. Just wasn't sure how it would work if we had to cancel or change our reservation if something came up with work

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    Book now directly through Couples to get the best rate. Then once you know exactly which week you can go, call Couples and they will let you shift the dates without changing the price, as long as you stay in the same price category date-wise and keep your booking at the same Couples hotel. Then wait and book airfare once you know your exact dates.

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