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    all packed, one more sleep till CSA

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    If 30 days out is crazy, then I should be admitted. When I started putting summer clothes away in September, I put the ones I knew would be Jamaica bound into my luggage. Only 72 more days!
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    Well, ladies I start setting things to side about 3 to 4 months out. About 30 days I will start having my husband try on what he has and decide if I need to get him new stuff. Then I get everything packed. My husband doesnt even know what he has until he starts getting ready in the room.

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    It's not just the ladies! I leave for TI in 11 days and I have been virtually packed for three weeks! Just have to pack the stuff I don't want wrinkled and I'm ready for the off!

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    I am the crazy wife. I started trying clothes on about a month ago and making packing lists long before that! We are now 6 days out and I know that everything will fit in my bag... No stress! I am a planner and part of the fun for me is planning a trip and packing (crazy right?) But when I am making lists, trying on clothes, and faux packing I am thinking about sun, sand, turquoise water, and relaxation. It gives me little previews of paradise.!

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    hahaha I thought I was bad by booking so far out, I booked for aug of 2014 so it is like 500 days before we return home to CN and my wife the other night gets out a piece of paper and says im starting a list of what we need for the trip LoL does that count?

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    I take our suitcases out a week before but for some reason we don't get around to packing until the night before we leave...


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    I just think all of our are Wife's crazy. The buy all year, read the message board all the time, etc. It is a good thing they have us men to keep them in balance. (I think I will be in trouble for this one)

    Oh well, Jamaica is the place of One love!!!
    Irie Mon

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    My husband is the one who packs at least thirty days out! Its all a part of the excitement and pre vacation countdown. We also start checking real webcams on a daily basis! Although I am the one cruising the message boards now, a year out from our next trip to CSA. Pure torture.

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