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    Default Diving at Tower Isle

    So we are considering Tower Isle this time instead of our usual choice of CSA. My husband takes full advantage of the free scuba diving at CSA and wants to know what the diving is like at Tower Isle. Can anyone offer some info? How often does the dive boat go out (daily/twice daily??). What is the dive team like? Thanks.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    The dive team at CTI is first rate, truly top notch. There are 2 dives a day and an optional night dive is available for an extra cost. The reefs around Ocho Rios have been pretty badly damaged over the years, but the dives are still interesting. The shallow dive is on the wreck of an old Boat that Couples sank years ago. I am not sure what the location is for the deeper dive.

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    Thank you!!
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    We have been to CSA three times with trip number four coming up in April 2010. Ken has always taken advantage of the diving being included and does two dives each day they are offered. I was certified in July 2008 so now I can join him. As I understand it, Shrek from CSA has been at CTI helping with their program. You probably know Shrek if you have been to CSA.

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    Default Diving At CTI

    My wife and I have been diving at CTI for over 15 years. Colon and the rest of the staff are the best around, as good or better than CSA. You won't be disappointed. Most of their equipment is new now also with the completion of the renovations. A lot of good reef and wall diving in OCHO RIOS.

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    question for the experienced folks...

    is it worth checking out if you've never been diving before? Or too overwhelming?.. the wife to be is not interested, but I'd love to...


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    Hey, I was in your shoes in 06 when we got married at CSA. My wife(Gravysgal) was luke warm and I, truth be told wanted to overcome my fear. Over our last 2 visits I have completed my Open Water Divers certification all with the help of the Couples Dive staff.(Anthony and his guys at CSA-special Hi to Chris are top notch) They are awesome and truly take the best care of you. If you have a chance, (at the very beginning of your stay) go to the dive hut and get the guys to get you started. You will absolutely love it..Steve
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    Just my opinion:
    I am an excellent swimmer, grew up in Florida, been snorkeling most of my life. I took the resort diving course at CSA, and hated it. (Not the staff, they were GREAT!!) but felt totally overwhelmed, unprepared and freaked out under the water. In fact, had to get back on the boat and sit there while everyone else finished their dive.

    On the other hand, Sharon (Gravysgal)'s husband LOVED it. He went on to get his scuba certification and is now an incorrigible diver. (Practically can't get him out of the water...)

    I don't know if i would have done better by taking a long drawn out course and paying lots of money, but I certainly felt like I wasted a full day of my vacation.

    I still snorkel, but I don't think scuba is in my future.

    If you want to take the resort course, go for it, but be prepared to love it.... or not.

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