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    Default When should we arrive for the wedding?

    So we are going to CSA in October and are getting married October 7th 2010. I know we are supposed to be in jamaica for 2 days for us to legally marry. So should we arrive on the 5th or the 4th? Its so far away and we cant wait!! Thanks

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    The waiting period in Jamaica is 24 hours. The 48-hour rule is a resort rule that has nothing to do with your marriage's legality; the wedding coordinator simply needs to ensure that there will be time to meet with you to go over the details of your ceremony. If you are getting married on the 7th, you can arrive on the 5th (although I would plan to arrive on the 4th if your flight lands really late in the day).
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    We were married at CSS in April '08 and came in on the Sunday for a Wednesday wedding. This gave us time to look the grounds over, meet with the wedding coordinator and plan your wedding. I believe coming in on the 4th would be best. Coming in on the 5th could be a little rushed and lead to stress before the wedding...something you guys don't need.

    Congratulations and enjoy your weddingmoon!

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