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    4 days and not counting !!!! CN here we come..... a couple of questions.... The first is, what gin is prevalent at the bars/piano bar..... I know, I'm going to be in Jamaica and should be drinking Appleton's rum.... and the second is, can you request diet mixers for your in diet coke/pepsi ? Sorry boring questions.......but any info gratefully received...

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    I've always ordered Tanqueray while there and they've always had it at every bar. I've never thought to inquire about Bombay.

    I'm fairly certain we were able to get diet cola in our room too.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    There are several top shelf gins. I'm partial to Beefeaters myself. and it's always available. Tanqueray and Bombay should be no problem either. Have a martini on me!!!

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    Bombay Sapphire is my first choice and yes they have it, along with Tanquerey and others.

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    Thanks for asking this question; we are there in 6 days (and I am counting, and so excited). I do love a G&T or two, so am very happy with the replies.

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    That should have read 40 days, not 4.... finger slippage.... Bombay/Tanqueray............. happy bunny.....even more so now that my countdown is 34 days....

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    There may have been changes in brands provided and we haven't been to CN since this past January but, for several years in a row, Bombay Sapphire (and a few other premium brands) were only available at the Piano Bar.

    A staff member may have, on occasion, transferred Bombay temporarily down to another bar for a particular guest, but we've never seen Bombay Sapphire at CN anywhere other than the Piano Bar. It may be best to set your expectation that it will be only available at the Piano Bar and be pleasantly surprised if found at other bars.

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    Jeez am hoping there's some Tanqueray at the pool bar.... I may have to be an awkward guest and get down on my knees and BEG !!!

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