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    Default Wedding May 2013

    Hello I am looking forward to getting married at the Swept Away resort May 10th 2013 and am hoping anyone an give me some good tips or advice on their wedding they had here. I am having immediate families stay at a resort close by & will pay for a day pass so we are looking at the tropical package. I am surprised that they make you PAY $80 for rose petals and wine in your room after your wedding. If you fly here separately & have your honeymoon you get a bottle of wine & an included couples massage but not if you get married AND have your honeymoon here?? This does not make sense to me. I am thinking about the garden to get married & having lunch afterwards at the Palms... ??. Thank you for the advice.

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    I was married at Couples Negril two weeks ago. We went with the basic (free) package and upgraded a couple things, but still received the complimentary sparkling wine and 1/2 massage. I would think that they'd do the same at Swept Away. Hope your wedding is as perfect as ours was!

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    They don't MAKE you do anything. Just order a bottle in your minibar when you arrive or do the precheckin and sign up for Romance rewards if you haven't done that yet. I wouldn't pay that much either.
    You get the wine and massage if you are honeymooning within 30 days of your wedding so you will get those perks too if you marry there. We did and it was the best day of our lives. The palms would be good for a larger party. Have fun planning.

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