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    Default Rick's.. Is it even worth the time?

    Heading to Couples Negril this Saturday (woo Hoo) and we've not been to Rick's. Thought we might taxi over and see the light house and have a drink at Rick's. Is it really worth it? I've read lot's of conflicting reviews. Any thoughts appreciated )

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    We will also arrive at CN this Saturday! My wife and I went to Ricks the first year we went to Negril. Kinda cool to go see but we both agreed there was no reason to return.

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    Rick's is sort of a zoo, and an expensive one at that. Only you can decide whether its worth it to you. There are many great places on the cliffs to get the view, experience the vibe, and chill out. None of them are a scene like Rick's at all. PM me if you're looking for suggestions.

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    Everyone should see Rick's at least once in their lifetime. Just don't plan on spending a lot of time there unless you want to spend a lot of money on overpriced drinks.

    When you leave Rick's take a short walk to LTU's for a quick bite to eat, some inexpensive drinks and to experience some real Jamaican hospitality.

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    I think you must go at least once. Don't eat, the food is overpriced. We just go for a sunset and a couple of beers. Have small bills as you will get change in Jamaican money.

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    if you are there for a week then it is probably worth it. We have been (3) times out of about (10) trips to Negril.

    If you are only there for a few days then enjoy the resort.

    The newer Rick's is much bigger than the original before it was destroyed by the hurricane.

    We had dinner at the old Ricks and it was fabulous, Our last dinner was not so fabulous but it could have been an "off" night. The tree divers and the drunk tourists are fun to watch dive off the cliffs.

    It gets really crowded about 5:00 and then most everyone leaves once the sun goes down.

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    If you've never been, I'd say yes it's worth it! They have music (band) playing at sunset with reggae music and you'll get to see the divers diving off the cliffs which is much worth the trip!! Bring a few $1 for tips for divers and some cash for drink or three , but the sunset form Ricks is beautiful! Not onmy own computer or I would attach a photo or 2! CSA offers a bus ride to Ricks, so check at CN and see they also do, it would be cheaper than taxi I think!

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    It is definitely worth the time!

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    I'd be interested in hearing about this as well- my g-friend really wants to go, but as I've been to CN before and she hasn't, I really don't want to leave the resort if it's not worth the trip!

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    Just to see the cliff divers and then to tell your friends you were there. Other than the novelty of those two things it is just an over crowded, over priced, and over rated beach party bar.

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    You get the same conflicting reviews on this message board. If it's something you are considering doing, just do it. If it's not to your liking just go back to the resort.
    One Love,

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    Many will say 'no', but I say yes. We have been going to Negril since the late 1980's and don't go to Ricks very often, but once every 5 years or so we go back and enjoy it every time. We make a dinner reservation just before sunset and arrive a little early to watch the divers. Dinner has been better and more reasonably priced that we ever expected. It is by far not my first restaurant choice in Negril, but we have always enjoyed it.
    I think if you have never been there it is worth it once... even if it ends up being only once.
    Good travels-

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    Went to Ricks the first part of Oct. Sunset was no better there than the resort. We were at CSA. Make sure you bring 5s. Or just plenty of change. You buy a beer they try an give you Jamaican money back. If you go try an jump. I jumped twice an so did he. Would jump again too. Didn't eat there but the food looked good.

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    We didn't think so. It was an expensive dinner. We took the shuttle too. The sunset was just as wonderful from CSA as it was from Ricks.

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    Yes! We went there last week and had a blast. The food was great, the cliff divers were so much fun to watch and the sunset was amazing. Name:  IMG_2015.jpg
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    I think it's worth going. Atleast then you can say you've been...

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    From many accounts I've read and heard about from friends, I'd advise more research before you go. The bad and ugly:

    1) The fun jump into the water ruins more vacations than you'd imagine. Anything but a perfect jump from the higher points can result in very serious injury.

    2) I've read about and talked to people who were almost forced into a "cave tour" after the jumped at Ricks. To get out of the cave costs a lot!

    3) Unless you pay in Jamaican money you're likely to get taken when you pay for your drinks/meals as they give change only in Jamaican and it's often "miscalculated."

    4) Many people complain about relentless requests for tips to see divers really ruining the whole experience.

    Please don't take my word for any of this, but do your own research. There is a whole web site dedicated to people who have been injured (Many seriously) jumping at Rick's.

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    Everyone starying at CN or CSA should go to Rick's Cafe at least once.

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    More shots from Ricks' Cafe.

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    Thanks I think we will give it a try. See you at one of the bars )

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    What is LTU? I agree, we will go and see it once for ourselves. I heard one can walk to the light house as well.
    Thanks for the tip.

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    Thank you everyone for the quick reply and pictures )))) I believe we will check out Rick's .

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    loved push cart...

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    The real answer to your question is, NO it isn't worth it. My wife hounded me last year on our second trip to CSA to go because friends of hers said it's worth the trip. So we went to Rick's on the way back from a trip to Mayfield Falls, which was great by the way. The drinks are over priced and they won't let you sit at a table unless you order over food. I went into the logo gift shop and there were no prices on anything which told me that even the tee shirts were over priced. The not so funny thing is that two workers were in the shop with me and neither one asked me if I needed help so I just walked out a few minutes later. My advice is to take the catamaran cruise from CN which will stop for a few minutes below Rick's. You'll drink free beer or punch and watch a few cliff dives without being hounded for tips up at Rick's. Enjoy your time in Paradise!

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