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    Default Couples and Breezes Negotiations

    Any update? I seem to remember that the last update was that negotiations were to be finished on 30 Nov 12.

    I am sure that all of us who call Couples Negril home are interested in what the future has to hold ...

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    Couples Resorts is no longer pursuing Breezes Grand Negril. On to other things... Stay tuned.

    Couples Resorts

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    I, for one,am thrilled by this. CN has become my new favorite after CSA was expanded. Please don't change a thing; this place is paradise. Having said that, my wife and I are going to CTI in March to see what the other side of the island is like.

    To be clear, I think it would be great if couples expanded by acquiring new resorts (perhaps outside of Jamaica). But I'd prefer it if they didn't expand the current properties.

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    We agree....we love the small, intimate feel of CN and wouldn't want it to be expanded, though I don't know if that was the plan or not, but we wouldn't like to see CN changed or grown either.

    I would love to see resorts on other islands but since we can't even find a reason to leave CN to try the ones in Jamaica, I don't know if we would try other islands either. WE LOVE CN

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    We just returned from CN. At the repeaters dinner, the manager announced what Randy stated above, that the Breezes negotiations have ended. But, he did state that Couples is looking to expand, and quiet possibly outside of Jamaica, BUT in the carribean. If the same great customer service would be offered at any new location, that would be interesting.

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    This is not a new concept. We stayed at "Couples St Lucia", many years ago...of course it's now closed.
    But, that was when "Couples" was part of the"Super Clubs" chain of resorts.

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    I'd love to see a Couples in Turks and maybe the Virgin Islands.

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