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    Default KarenOn - how was your trip?

    We were hoping to see "live from CSS" from you two! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

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    Yes I am looking forward to hearing about it as well as seeing a few photos.

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    Me too!

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    Well, we are back home now, with a bucket full of wonderful memories from another great week at Sans Souci. We had a very busy week this time, and never got a chance to post on the MB while we were there - sorry! Here is a quick summary.

    It was beautiful when we arrived on Saturday, so we had a quick lunch at Palazzina, and headed right over to Sunset Beach. We have never seen so many over there in all of our trips, there were close to 100 people there, that's one third of the resort!! We spent the afternoon in the sun and water, then went and unpacked before supper. At about 7:00, it rained, and we had a heavy downpour for about 4 hours.

    On Sunday, we spent the day at SSB with pretty good weather, and the same on Monday. The rain on Saturday night brought all kinds of mess up onto the beach from the White River. It took them all week to clean up the huge mess, and we were not able to go into the ocean for a few days while they had a crew cleaning it up.

    Tuesday we took the school supplies that we brought out to the high school, and it rained all day long. Unfortunately Margaret had to supervise an exam while we were there, but it was still great to see her, if only for a short period. She is teaching at Ferncourt High School, and the drive up and back was beautiful, in spite of the rain.

    The beach party had to be moved indoors, but was still an excellent night of food and entertainment. Wednesday, we went over to CTI for the morning to see Miguel who is now working there, and spent the afternoon back at CSS on SSB. Wednesday night was the Repeater's dinner outdoors by the main pool. It was a great night - wonderful food, and a lot of fun!!

    Thursday was sunny in the morning, so we went over to SSB until 11:30, then came back and got ready for the vow renewal, which was at 2:00. It started to cloud over by then, and we just finished with our pictures, about 4:00, when it started to rain, and it rained again all night long. Karla, the wedding coordinator, was excellent, and the ceremony was perfect! We had dinner at Cassanova that night, and Miguel and Margaret joined us.

    Friday was sunny while we had breakfast with Michelle, but once we said goodbye to her, and made our way to SSB, it was all clouded over, and rained on and off for the rest of the day, but cleared up in time for the Friday night Gala to be held outside.

    Of course, Saturday morning, when it's time to go home (the goodbye bus left at 8:30 am), there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Dalton came to the resort at 7:00 in the morning, even though it was his day off, to say goodbye. We then sadly got on the bus, and were on our way back to the airport.

    In spite of the weather, we had a wonderful, romantic and very memorable holiday. We spent a lot of time on our double lounger on the balcony when it was raining (that's when it's great to have a large balcony!). The 7 days went by way too fast, and we eagerly await our return in April.

    Here is a link to some of our pictures from this trip:
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    Awesome photos!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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    Awesome trip....

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    Thank you for posting! Wonderful photos!!! Any one of those is sure to win the photo contest!!

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    Thanks for sharing your photos with us. You guys both look so beautiful, happy and relaxed! What great memmories, at such a romantic tropical place.

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