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    Default Cti can't wait!!'

    Looking forward to our honeymoon at CTI in April 2013. Been reading this board for weeks and have got a lot of info. Can't wait to experience paradise Couples style!!! Any tips would be greatly welcome.

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    Hello Melissanryan,

    My wife and I are also going in April. Arriving at CTI around 3:30pm on April 25th for 7 days. We are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary. This is our 2nd trip to a Couples Resort (CN in 2011). There is no comparison to Couples. You are going to love it. The only tip you need is to be excited and just bring yourselves and just the essentials in a suitcase. Also, just bring cash for tipping the shuttle driver and excursion folks. Couples staff take care of all the rest. Perhaps we will see you there and my wife Lesley and I can give you some tips on staying married for 10 years! lol. Congrats and enjoy!

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    You should check out the Meet up thread. The April Amigos will be at CTI from around the 10 through the end of the month. Please feel free to add your names to the list.
    This will be our 35 trip to CTI. You'll find most of the Amigos out on TI. Join us for a great time.


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    Chris & Leslie, Mellisa & Ryan Check out the Meet up thread, Official April Amigos 2013. You will see that a whole bunch of people will also be there. I will add your names to the ever growing list. Welcome to the family.
    You will find that most of the Amigos will be out on the island. You are welcome to join us.
    The April Amigos formed this group two weeks after CTI re-opened a few years ago. No dues. No rules. No clothes. Looking forward to seeing you.


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