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    Default Romance Rewards?

    Can anyone tell me how you go about signing up for Romance Rewards?..and what exactly does this entail? I can't seem to find much about it on the main website.


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    On the main page scroll all the way to the bottom and click on Romance Rewards (2nd link from the left). It will give you everything you need to know!

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    Try looking at the bottom of web page. It is small but should be there. Hope this helps. It is a great program. Nothing to do but let them track your stays and you get credits at resort, gifts, and pre-stocked fridge!

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    Default Romance Rewards Points

    On a side note, I signed up for the romance rewards when we booked our trip last year for Feb. 2012 and just logged in and I see that we don't have the credits for it, yet when I look in our details, it shows we stayed then...

    Anyone have an idea of how I get this fixed so that my husband and I can get credit for our points when we visit again this coming Feb?

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    you will need to contact the management at the resort. They recommend that immediately after you depart from the hotel to make sure you have credit (or as soon as you're able to check). It will be easier for them to update it if you've just left the resort. Hope you get it updated. I believe there is a link on the romance rewards section (once you log in with your romance rewards number) to contact them with changes.

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    Hi QMD486,
    There is a link on the Romance Rewards page for the Romance Rewards Coordinator. You can contact that person to update your nights stayed. It's under the picture.

    Good Luck!:-)

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    I have been unable to login in for a couple of weeks. I called last week, and was told it was down. If others are able to login then I guess I'll have to call again.

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    Contact Couples they will credit you I did when we first sign on too..As they said NO PROBLEM MON

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    Call them and have all your info ready from your last trip.

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    I was able to do our pre check-in using our Romance Rewards info about a week ago for our January trip. However, our friends who are traveling with us and will be at CSA for the first time tried to register for Romance Rewards and then do the pre-check-in yesterday, but could not pre-check in. Are there problems with the system right now or is it more likely that they did something wrong?

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    On a side note it let me pre-register this week for my arrival next week, and I got the confirmation e-mail to say it's working. I did use my number instead of my e-mail but it worked fine.

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