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    Default Christmas at CSS or CTI?

    Anyone been to either CSS or CTI for Christmas? We've spent the last 3 years at CSA and love all the holiday events and decoration that are planned out including a Christmas Eve event, special dinner and completing with Santa's arrival. Does anyone know if CSS or CTI does something similar?

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    Have been to both CSS (once) and CTI (many, many times) for Christmas and New Year and they both have celebrations and decorations (although CTI had more decorations than CSS). They both have Chrsitmas Eve Gala events, CSS is on the lawn and is similar to the weekly Gala Night and CTI is a Gala Night around the main pool, there is a choir who sing carols early in the evening, with cocktails and nibbles before the Gala Dinner, which is followed by a caberet guest/band. It's very special.

    Santa does arrive on Christmas morning at CTI - his arrival being something to see!!

    If you decide to try CTI for Christmas you won't be disappointed, it's very special and we wouldn't miss 'going home for Christmas'.

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    So happy to read this post. We will be at CTI for Christmas this year and I've been wondering what to expect. How dressy are the events on Christmas Eve/ Christmas? Assuming resort chic, like you would dress for Eight Rivers? Thanks for any advise. I cant wait to see Santa!!

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