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    Default RED STRIPE there is a charge?

    I was on trip advisor because I like to read about the nice stuff to look forward to and it said that a couple had to pay 3 bucks more for RED Stripe in their room or any top shelf. Is that true Randy? Just want to know. I dont care paying 3 bucks just like to know the truth. 131 days!!! WHOO HOOO

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    That's just silly. There is no surcharge for Red Stripe.

    Couples Resorts

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    That's just silly. There is no surcharge for Red Stripe.
    Now that is silly! Best answer ever Randy.

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    You just have to love the haters on Trip Advisor. They are so misguided.

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    I thought so Randy, just those people tick me off and write such lies. Do you ever write back on them? I love my couples family so much and I hate to see when people write lies. Thanks for letting us all know there is no charge for the top shelf!!!

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    I'll confirm Randymon's response...been at CSS for a week drinking Red Stripe in a bottle in the minbar. Mmmm, mmmm good!

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    This is just one more example that should remind everyone, you can not always depend on information you read on Trip Advisor. If it has anything to do with Couples, before you have a hissyfit, check with Couples.

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    What about top shelf now?

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    We were just there and didn't have to pay a cent for Red stripe in the room. It's not on the in room check list only Carib. We wrote Red Stripe on the card and it was stocked the following day.
    Have fun and yes, I'm jealous Lol.

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    We stayed at CSS the week of Sept. 1st, 2012.

    We had a 2-sided "Mini bar listing" sheet for re-stocking. (we still have it)
    The "Standard Stock Items" side, for beer listed:
    Carib Beer- 2 per room

    The "Upgrade Items" side, for beer listed:
    Redstripe $3.00
    Redstripe Light $3.00
    Heineken $4.00
    Guinness $4.00
    Miller Light $4.00

    Later in the week (on Tues. I think), they switched to the new stocking procedure; they may have also changed procedure on charging for redstripe since then.

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    Rudi - CSS may have tried, but none of the resorts are charging for Red Stripe.

    Couples Resorts

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