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    Default January 2-8, 2013

    My fiance' and I are getting married on new years eve, and will be arriving to CTI on the 2nd. I haven't seen many threads/posts about couples coming so soon after the holidays (mostly mid-Jan and later). It seems as though the activities for that week could be ours for the taking that week though I could be wrong. I'm interested to see if anyone else going to be there during that first week or two of January is viewing the message boards?

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    We also arrive on the 2nd. From what I have seen it sounds like it is busy until the 1st, then most people leave. However, some stay until the 5th. A few people will arrive on the 5th but the time between NYD and the 12th seems pretty empty. I don't really care about the crowds (or lack thereof) but I just hope the weather is decent. Reading back over the last several years it sounds like it might be really nice and it might be cold, wet and very windy. Personally, I am hoping for very nice...

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    Yeah I've been catching the wet and windy vibe from what I've been reading. Obviously, hoping the weather is nice and calm most of the days we're there. But, that's something we can't predict or change. No doubt should be a good time none the less. Definitely interested in the snorkeling, scuba, and sailing, along with some of the tours, provided the weather permits, I can't see too man of those being unavailable. I can't get a clear answer really on the typical temperature for that time of year, and I can't speak from experience, I don't mind a little cool weather for a 'tropical vacation' but I can't imagine it'd be bad, even at it's worst. I guess only time will really tell.

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    Love sailing and snorkeling. We are even bringing our own stuff so we can snorkel off the island. I would have loved to learn how to scuba but now my cardiologist would have a cow. We will do Dunn's River Falls (we did it on our honeymoon 27 years ago) but that's it for excursions.

    Take a look at History | Weather Underground. It gives a nice historical perspective for every day of the year. The average is about 84/74 and .1" of rain each day. That could take about 10 minutes IIRC.

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