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    Default Monday Night Barbecue Menu at CTI


    My fiance and I are getting married in a private ceremony at CTI on Monday, January 7th, and we discovered that we can expect the Beach Barbecue Party as our wedding night feast! It's fun and casual, plus we love barbecue, so we are happy it's working out that way!

    When we return from our wedding, we will be hosting a reception for all of our immediate family and closest friends, and we are considering prepping our own barbeque luncheon, to capture the essence of our wedding night dinner.

    Could anyone tell us what they remember from the menu? What were the main dishes? Were there any side dishes that really stood out or paired well with the barbeque entrees? Does anyone have recipes? Or a PDF of the menu?

    You can respond to us here or in email at

    Thank you x1000000 for the help! Only 25 days 'till we can meet our Couples family!

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    I don't remember a lot about the food for that evening. It was the entertainment that stood out. I do remember oxtail (because I didn't like it lol) and jerk pork. I believe there were baked potatoes and fried plantains. Beyond that I really can't remember.

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