Just returned from a wonderful 9 night stay at CSS. This was our second visit (first was 2010). This is the only resort we have ever repeated and at the end of the first trip it felt like we needed more. Well, after this trip, guess what? We need more! Iíve never relaxed more anywhere and after missing last year we walked in and felt right at home. A lot of the staff was the same, remembered us, and all of the staff is top notch! Again, we were in the top of ďGĒ, which we prefer. All of the steps just mean I can consume more deserts! The view is the best and breakfast on the patio every morning was spectacular!

A lot is the same, but there were a few things that changed. It was not without a few issues, nothing major but need to be mentioned. My room service card wasnít picked up twice. We learned to just call room service when we woke up and to just go back to bed until it arrived. Room service delivery never took more than 30 minutes, which allowed us to just snuggle up, until the coffee arrived. Also, I prefer to just put my mini bar card in the room, but this has changed. You have to call and wait for it to be filled. So when you order room service, place your order for the mini bar at the same time. After we figured this out, there were no problems at all. Guinness is considered premium and is a separate charge? I feel it should be available as a stocked mini bar item and included.

When we arrived, the safe didnít work. A call to front desk and someone was there to look at it. Problem is, he didnít bring any tools and had to come back, this time he didnít bring any batteries with him, so two days later we had the same problem. A quick call and my suggestion to bring a screwdriver and batteries and it was fixed for good.

Anyone who has stayed in ďGĒ block knows there are some water issues at times. Itís an old building, thatís part of its charm. Twice we had NO water, not a drop. It was resolved fairly quickly but it did make us late for the repeaters dinner. Guest Services, made it right with us. It is what it is and until that building is revamped water pressure is an issue. We just sat and enjoyed a drink until we got it back. Being on the top of the building (G12B), we learned to turn the water on and in 10-20 minutes it was hot.

The food was good, fish is fantastic! I would like to see more local fruits served, jackfruit, mangos, ect. I did see that when they ran out of something it was gone. Fish cakes at the Gala Friday night, I heard they were good, however, they were gone in 10 minutes and that was that. Also, a couple of times they ran out of Appleton VX at the beach bar. Instead of saying weíre out and weíll get more, they were just out.

The entertainment was really, really good! Top notch! The shows are worth seeing, all of them!
One thing I noticed sitting up at the bar. When a manager showed up, things changed. Almost like the staff was afraid of doing what they do best, take care of the guests. We enjoy the staff best when the managers are not around. We never waited for a drink and always plenty of staff to take care of us. We donít do SSB and I heard there were a lot of people over there, which might be why it was so quiet and peaceful on the clothed side. To each his own, but for us perfect. The Wi-Fi was new since our last time, but I go to Jamaica to disconnect, rejuvenate, reconnect, I didn't use it.

Overall, the best vacation I have taken in a long time and I canít wait to return. Itís not perfect, but it is paradise. The Jamaican people are the best there are! Sans Souci, is the best we have found. By the 2nd day, I was walking a little bit slower. By the 3rd day, I was walking slower and singing to myself. Peace, Love, Respect!