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    Default Excursions at CSA October 5-12

    Hello everyone - ahhhh We are getting married in 19 days now.. and to Swept Away in 21! I absolutely CAN'T WAIT! I had a few questions about excursions - We do want to spend as much time as possible laying on the beacH BUT we also want to see some of Jamaica. How safe is it to travel outside of the resort?

    My Future HUSBAND (wow that sounds good would like to do some shopping - how are the shopping trips from the resort? Should we venture our on our own?

    I really want to see Margaritaville ... I know, I know overpriced drinks etc. BUT I want to see it... Is that something we can book from the resort?

    I keep hearing about the catamaran cruise and a glass bottom boat trip. The catamaran: is this something we have to book or can we just show up? The glass bottom boat: I don't see anything about it on the website so I 'm guessing it's from an outside vendor? Anyone know about that? Cost/sign up etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Emily and Mike

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    Hi Emily/Mike,
    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage, and you'll love CSA!!
    I didn't go off the resort last year, but I hear there are some nice local shops off the resort and many people leave the resort without any trouble at all.
    As for excursions, there is a desk at CSA where you can sign up for some amazing excursions. I think I've seen links on the MB to some external companies as well, but I don't have that information.
    Margaritaville is literally a five minute to ten minute walk up the beach from the resort, no need to book anything, just head over whenever you want.
    We're going back to CSA October 18th for a week for the second time for our anniversary, we're going to make it an annual event.

    All the best for your wedding, but I know without a doubt you'll absolutely love the honeymoon!

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    Congrats Emily!!! You are going to have a great honeymoon.

    If you want to go to Margaritaville then just head to the beach and take a left. Walk for about 5 minutes and you'll see it right in front of you. On the way you will see vendors and other hotels, bars, etc. It's a nice walk and then you can hang at Margaritaville for a while and walk back.

    The Catamaran Cruise is included at Couples and you can sign up at the concierge desk or call to get a reservation.

    Go to the water sports hut to sign up for the glass bottom boat ride. It is included and run by Couples. Try the snorkeling while you are there. Really easy, relaxing and romantic. You sign up for snorkeling at the water sports hut too.

    Make sure to check out the martini bar. It is above the Palms and the martinis are awesome!!! Have fun. I'm so jealous. We aren't going to be able to go back to CSA until next year. Have a blast!!!

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    You can walk to Margaritaville down the beach. You sign up for the catamaran & the glass bottom boat at the sports hut, it is also included. Shopping is mostly souvenier type things, crafts, t-shrits, jewlery, etc. The shopping trip is ok, it takes too long for me. I don't like having to wait if I'm done. You can get mostly the same items down the beach. There are vendors that come into CSA that sell items also.
    Definitely safe to travel away from the resort, just be smart.

    Congratulations! And have fun!

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    Congratulations Mackenzie-87! We will be there the same time as you guys, so maybe we will meet!

    The shopping trips offered by the resort (in my opinion) are not the best way to spend your time. In my experience, you are taken to multiple shops that all sell the same touristy merchandise. It eats up 2-3 hours of your day and truly, you can get most anything that you would find on this trip either in the Resort Gift Shop or in the airport for similar prices. I usually save all of my shopping for the airport. Now, one exception that I will make this year is that we plan to head over to CN for a day (Trading Places Program) and we will walk down to the Office of Nature to shop the local crafts...and try the Jerk Lobster!

    Margaritaville is a short 10 minute walk down the beach from CSA. They do offer a shuttle bus from CSA to Margaritaville and back several evenings each week if you prefer to go at night and don't want to walk the beach in the dark.

    The catamaran is a must do! You have to book and I would do so rather quickly after arrival, as it tends to fill up. If you don't book, however, you can still show up at departure time and if there are no-shows, you can take their place.

    The glass bottom boat is offered by Couples (no additional charge) and can be booked through Watersports. It is a relatively short ride (30 minutes or so) and I don't remember seeing much. I would suggest snorkeling instead.

    Hope to see you there!

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    We just went to CSA the end of JUly and are ready to go back. But to answer your questions. Margaritaville can be booked thru the resort for about $15 each, it's like five minutes down the road. Yes it's a litle overpriced but a fun atmosphere and something to see. We also took the shopping trip thru the resort at no extra cost and it was good. Just don't buy at the first shop you come to cause there are others cheaper so look around. We enjoyed it and got some good deals and we were still back by afternoon to enjoy the beach. Definitely do the catamaran cruise it was the highlight of our trip (except for our wedding while we were there). You need to book it a day or so ahead thru the water sports hut but it's awesome. Dont miss it!!!!Have fun....CSA is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

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    Glass bottom boat is included as is the catamaran cruise. The travel agent had told me that it is best to book them as soon as possible tho to make sure you get spots. I do believe also they have a shuttle to Margaritaville also...could be mistaken but I think so. Look under the whats included section and it lists in detail many of the activities.

    We will be there at the same time as you!

    Have fun.....


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    Our vacations will overlap at CSA. This is our 2nd trip to the resort. Last year the excursions were booked at the hotel based upon availability. BIG TIP...Bring bug spray!!! I was eaten alive last year. It rains most afternoons but the sun comes out shortly after. This hotel has a small dance club and entertainment. Internet cafe that has coffee etc. Meals are al fresco, meaning no AC just fans. The spa booked up pretty quickly. Beach is lovely you will have a good time. Happy Honeymoon. This is my 7th.

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    Buy your booze and Coffee at the shop with the oriential owner. He told us that he was the cheapest. And he was right. It's in Time's Square. I believe it's on the right side. Definitly do the snorkeling. My wife isn't a swimmer so we didn't do the Catamaran. Don't forget to get your free massage.
    Just do try to relax and soak it all in.
    Congrats on the wedding!

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